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[전국]After school closure, the university campus became grim…

by news dir


There is a university campus that has been neglected for the third year without finding a suitable application plan after school closure.

It is even used as a place to experience horror in private broadcasting.

Concerns about crime or safety accidents are growing.

Reporter Song Se-hyuk covered it.


Donghae Hanjung University was forcibly closed two years ago due to the embezzlement of teaching expenses worth tens of billions of won by the private school foundation and non-payment of wages for faculty members.

Weeds all over the school, which turned into ruins, and the door glass was shattered.

At the entrance to the College of Nursing, there is a scattered human body model for training, and a damaged freight car is thrown away.

In some buildings, the door is broken and left unattended, and access to outsiders is not properly controlled.

In fact, some private broadcasters even uploaded a video saying they were experiencing horror.

[주민(음성변조) : 더러 불량스러운 사람들도 오고 우범지대가 될까 봐 무섭고….]

The school corporation was declared bankrupt last year, and the trustee appointed by the court is proceeding with bankruptcy proceedings, including the sale of buildings and land.

The bankruptcy trustee said it had not yet found a suitable buyer, and said it plans to repair the building and install an access control fence.

As bankruptcy proceedings have not been finalized, debt issues reported over 47 billion won, including unpaid wages, are still not resolved.

However, education authorities are only concerned with passing responsibility.

[강원도 교육청 관계자(음성변조) : 파산 개시 선고되기 전에는 저희 소관이지만 파산을 선고했기 때문에 저희 소관이 아니고 파산관재인 소관으로 넘어가는 거예요.]

The university campus, once the cradle of local talent development, has been turned into a dreadlock after closing, without finding new ways to use it.

YTN Song Se-hyuk[[email protected]]is.

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