[전국]Clash between government and cargo unions in Gangdaegang… Spreading damage to steel companies

Pohang steel manufacturer, raw material supply and product transportation disruptions
“Raw material exhaustion… serious production disruptions from this week”
Gyeongbuk-do and Pohang-si “support for the use of idle factories and temporary storage sites”

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The cargo union strike, which started on the 24th of last month, is now in its twelfth day.

As the government and the cargo union continue their conflict without concessions, damage to industrial sites is snowballing.

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Yes, it is located in the Pohang Steel Industrial Complex in North Gyeongsang Province.


Steel makers are losing money?


That’s okay.

Cargo unity pohang regional headquarters strike continues today.

Union members demanding the extension of the safe fare system continue to sit in day and night.

As you can see in the background, 12 days have passed since the tent was set up on the side of the road.

It is no exaggeration to say that Pohang is the center of Korea’s steel industry.

It is also the fifth largest in the country in terms of the amount of goods transported.

The city of Pohang estimated that the damage to companies in the Pohang area was well over 100 billion won as logistics stopped due to the cargo union strike.

From this week onwards, there are concerns that raw materials secured before the strike will have run out and that production difficulties will begin in earnest.

Even if raw materials persist, many companies suffer from headaches because there is no place to store the manufactured goods.

For this reason, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Pohang City are reviewing ways to use abandoned factories that have been neglected for a long time as temporary storage sites and support them.

It is known that many construction sites in North Gyeongsang Province are not supplied with construction materials as the transportation of steel products is blocked.


Apart from the steel industry, the damage is not small, right?


Yes, gas station gas supply is also a problem.

At 2:00 pm yesterday, 88 gas stations across the country were out of gas.

This is an increase of 14 since yesterday.

As shipping of petrochemicals becomes difficult, some companies are said to have even considered reducing production.

However, due to the return of some truck owners, the amount of container transport at ports across the country increased compared to the start of the strike.

In addition, cement industry shipments are gradually improving due to the effect of the government’s business start-up order.

However, the logistics outlook is not bright.

The cargo union has announced that it will go on strike until its demands, such as the expansion of the safe fare system, are accepted, and the government is preparing an order to start additional operations.

As the two sides go head to head, the damage to the industry is likely to increase.

This is YTN’s Yunjae Lee at the Pohang Steel Industrial Center.

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