[전국]Controversy over the enforcement of’face-to-face worship’ with 1,000 people gathering in Busan… claims “safety than restaurants”

Seegero Church in Gangseo-gu, Busan
If a thousand people gather and worship… Level 2.5 violation of social distancing
Segyero Church “Comply with quarantine rules and worship… safer from infection than a restaurant”
Administrative order to suspend the operation of the World Church for 10 days… Closing order in case of violation
“Review of application for temporary injunction when ordered to close the church”… Possible court dispute


Some large churches in Busan, where social distancing is at the 2.5 level, broke the quarantine rule not to gather more than 20 people, and forced a face-to-face worship service with 1,000 people.

The church is arguing that the quarantine measures that do not take into account the size of the church are not fair, and there are signs of spreading into court conflict.

Cha Sang-eun is a reporter.


It is a world church in Gangseo-gu, Busan.

As a large church with more than 3,000 members, we held a face-to-face service this time following last week.

Instead of the rule not to gather more than 20 people according to Busan’s social distancing step 2.5, they decided to follow their religious beliefs.

It is about 10 minutes left until the start of the worship service, and members of the church arrive one after another, keeping their distance and entering the church.

There were 90 thousand people at the church that day.

The church insisted that the risk of infection is less than that of restaurants or department stores by measuring body temperature, wearing a mask, and keeping a distance of more than 2 meters.

He stressed that quarantine measures that do not take into account the size of the church are not fair.

[심현보 / 부산 세계로교회 담임목사 : 조그마한 칼국숫집에도 20명, 30명이 모여 있는데, 1만 명 모이는 교회도 20명 예배드려라, 5천 명 모이는 교회도 20명 예배드려라, 공정하지 않다고 생각하는 겁니다.]

Gangseo-gu, Busan, issued an administrative order to suspend operations for ten days after the church began worshiping around the world despite several accusations and warnings.

The plan is to issue an order to close it if it is not followed again.

[부산 강서구 관계자 : 금요일에 행정 처분을 통해 1차 경고를 보냈고요. 경고를 보냈음에도 휴일 예배를 강행했기 때문에 운영 중단 행정 처분을 내렸습니다.]

The church is planning to seek a judgment from the court saying that there is a problem with the administrative order, so there is a possibility that the controversy over worship may spread to the court.

Seobu Church in Seo-gu, Busan, is also expected to be closed because it violated the local government’s order to suspend operation and held a worship service.

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