[전국]’Gumi 3-year-old girl case’ police investigation ends… into the labyrinth


The police investigation into the case of a 3-year-old girl found dead in a Gumi villa closes today.

The police arrested the mother, who was known as her maternal grandmother as a result of genetic testing, but questions remain, as the investigation did not yield any results for ten days.

Reporter Lee Yoon-jae’s report.


On the 11th, in front of Gimcheon Jiwon of the Daegu District Court.

A 40-year-old who is about to be judged for an arrest warrant said that the 3-year-old child found dead was not her daughter.

He repeated the claim that he was the daughter of his 20-year-old daughter, who was arrested last month.

[40대 A 씨 / 숨진 여아 친모 : 제 딸이 낳은 딸이 맞다고요. (본인이 낳은 딸은 어디에 있습니까?) 아니에요. 저는 딸을 낳은 적이 없어요.]

However, the court issued an arrest warrant based on the test results showing that A and the child found dead matched.

As Mr. A was arrested for stealing the child, the police investigation seemed to be speeding up, but there wasn’t much progress since.

Even with the introduction of the profiler, Mr. A repeated the same argument and could not find a clue.

In order to find the father of the deceased child, genetic tests were conducted on several people around Mr. A, but no results were found to match.

Even the investigation of the child A’s daughter actually gave birth could not find any clues, so the suspicion of replacement was not resolved.

As it is a crime against children, voices have been raised that the face of the suspect must be revealed and a public investigation has been made.

[승재현 / 한국형사정책연구원 연구위원 : 이 부분은 안 될 수는 있지만 만일 가능하다면 부모에 관련된 신원도 경찰에서, 이건 분명히 안 될 가능성이 있지만 살펴는 볼 필요 있다, 이렇게 말씀드릴 수 있겠습니다.]

The police investigation is settled, but the question remains unanswered and the case is plunging into a labyrinth.

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