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[전국]Hunting Pocha group infection… Seoul city “charges all expenses”

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A group infection occurred in Hunting Pocha in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, and more than 40 people were infected.

The number of new confirmed cases in Seoul was the highest in 25 days.

This is Koo Soo-bon.


An entertainment district in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Hunting pot car billboards are loud to attract customers.

Since one visitor was confirmed on the 29th of last month, more than 40 people have been infected so far.

Due to the nature of the business, users danced and drank while walking around the tables on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and it was confirmed that some did not wear masks properly.

The city of Seoul confirmed that the business was open as it was, only changing its registration to a general restaurant, and decided to respond strictly.

[박유미 / 서울시 시민건강국장 : 일반음식점 전환 시 확약서에 ‘코로나19 확진자가 발생할 경우 구상권 청구를 감수하겠다’고 확약한 만큼, 업소 내에서 발생한 확진자에 대한 치료비용 및 방역비용 등 모든 비용 일체를 청구할 예정입니다.]

In addition, we will pay a fine for not properly guiding on wearing a mask, and will dispose of business suspension for 2 months for parts caught dancing in restaurants.

All users who violate the ban on private gatherings with more than 5 people are subject to fines.

The city of Seoul is planning to urgently inspect about 40 hunting pots and sensibility pubs that have been converted into regular restaurants, and reinforce the prevention rules for restaurants.

The number of new corona19 confirmed cases in Seoul increased to 188, as infections have also continued in hospitals and homeless facilities.

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The maximum in 25 days.

The city of Seoul said that the risk of re-proliferation is increasing ahead of the holiday season, and asked for active cooperation in the 2.5 steps of distance and banning private gatherings with more than 5 people by the 14th.

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