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[전국]Iksan city councilor excommunicated “Politicians can curse dog × ×”

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A city council member from the Dong-A-Democratic Party in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do said, “Politicians are representatives of citizens, so they may swear.”

At the same time, even profanity is being mixed, and a ripple is rising.

Reporter Min-Sung Kim reported.


On the 26th, Iksan City Council’s administrative affairs audit.

Nam-seok Cho, a city councilor of the Democratic Party, who was inquiring about the Iksan National Food Cluster, suddenly swears.

[조남석 / 더불어민주당 익산시의원 : XXX라고 욕할 수도 있습니다. 정치인들은 시민의 대표니까. 안 그래요? 할 수 있지 않습니까? 부시장님. 할 수 있어요, 없어요?]

The lesser moderator tries to stop it,

[강경숙 / 익산시의회 산업건설위원회 위원장 : 정치적인 얘기는 감사 시간이니까 삼가세요. 시민들이 나중에 볼 건데….]

Rather, they continue to emphasize that they are elected.

[조남석 / 더불어민주당 익산시의원 : 시민이 보라고 말씀하는 거 아닙니까. 시민들이 뽑아준, 내세워서 여기 있는 거고.]

These remarks seem to have been a problem that the union of the Korea Food Industry Cluster Promotion Agency issued a statement asking for an apology to Rep. Kim Soo-heung of the Democratic Party.

At the time, the union condemned Rep. Kim for personally blaspheming employees for unfounded facts.

Rep. Kim Soo-heung said that he had suffered a measles due to controversy, but the city councilman in the Kim district’s district seems to be raising the problem due to excessive defense.

Regarding this, City Councilman Nam-seok Cho issued a statement and added, “It may be inappropriate words and actions, but please do not be gagged so that you can faithfully serve as a city councilor.”

In addition, the Democratic Party’s Jeonbuk Provincial Party decided to take necessary measures after watching the Central Party’s response.

YTN Minsung Kim[[email protected]]is.

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