[전국]Imjin River Pilseung Bridge The water level exceeds 1m…

The water level of Pilseung Bridge at the northernmost tip of the Imjin River in Gyeonggi-do has exceeded the standard for evacuation of tourists by 1m.

The water level at Pilseung Bridge has risen steadily since the morning of yesterday (10th) and broke through 1m around 5:10pm, and recorded 1.35m as of 3am today.

Previously, Gyeonggi Province sent a disaster text message stating that riverside holidaymakers, travelers, fishermen, and local residents should pay attention to safety.

In the Imjin River Basin, when the water level of the Pilseung Bridge exceeds 1m, a precautionary measure is issued, such as evacuation of river vacationers and evacuation of people during non-flood seasons at 2m.

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