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[전국]National Marathoner Drunk Driving Accident…Colleague National Team Fractured Leg

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At dawn, a national marathon runner drove while drunk and hit a motorcycle with a fellow runner.

After drinking together, we were returning to the hostel, but the athlete who rode on the motorcycle is in need of leg surgery.

This is reporter Jihwan.


Near Gongjicheon, a famous tourist destination in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

A broken motorcycle is standing next to the road.

It was around 4 am when a witness reported that a car hit a motorcycle and ran away.

He was dispatched from a nearby district and captured 27-year-old Shin Mo, who drove a car near the accident site in 30 minutes.

[경찰 관계자 : 지나가는 사람이 신고해서 우리 직원들이 나가서 잡은 거예요.]

As a result of the investigation, Shin, who was driving a car, and Mr. Jung, who was 25, who was driving a motorcycle, were between seniors and juniors in the Marathon Unemployment Team at Gangwon Province.

Besides, both players were active national teams.

Shin and Jung, who drank together before the accident, were returning to a nearby accommodation.

Shin’s blood alcohol level has exceeded the license cancellation standard, and Jung, who fell down on a motorcycle, has a broken leg and has to undergo surgery.

[강원도청 관계자 : 말 그대로 골절. 그거(선수 생명)는 의사가 수술을 해봐야 안답니다. (아. 진짜요?) 네. 접합수술을 내일 하거든요.]

The police arrested Shin on suspicion of drunk driving, and they plan to look into whether he was hit or run.

The Gangwon Provincial Office also decided to go through disciplinary procedures in accordance with the squad operation guidelines after the police investigation.

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