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[전국]The coastal police are’pollution’ in the night sea damaged by drinking crackdown…

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The driver, who had escaped from the drinking crackdown, jumped into the sea and disappeared, and a massive search was carried out by mobilizing a sea police trap.

The driver had already sneaked up to the ground and ran away.

It turned out that he was a marine police officer.

Reporter Kim Jong-ho reports.


Vehicles entering the roundabout in front of Taejongdae in Busan turn and run away.

A drunk police officer immediately tracks it down and goes down to the beach.

The getaway vehicle stops at the end of the road, and the police officers get off the patrol car and beckon the driver.

But when the driver gets out of the car, he shakes the police officer and starts running along the coast.

Citizens who watched around them jumped in to catch the driver, but they all ran out and jumped into the sea.

[윤영국 / 검거 시도한 시민 : 진짜 빨랐어요. 너무 빨라서 잡을 수 없었습니다. 잡았는데 너무 빠르다 보니까 놓치게 돼서….]

A citizen who wanted to rescue the driver jumped into the sea and was transported to a hospital, and a search was conducted by mobilizing military equipment on a maritime ship, but no one was found.

This is because the driver climbs back to the ground and runs away from people’s eyes.

[김대열 / 목격자 : 그때 구하려고 구명의 하고 이런 걸 준비해서 던지려고 했는데 그때 사라졌어요. 안 보였어요. 그때 저는 죽은 줄 알았어요. 그런데 수영을 해서 나온 모양이더라고요.]

It turned out that he was a police officer belonging to the Busan Maritime Police Station, who made this uproar.

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The police met with the police officers and persuaded them to measure the blood alcohol level, but the results were below the standard for suspension of license, and they were sent home.

However, since it is the result of about 5 hours from the time of flight, we plan to apply the Withmark formula, which inversely calculates the blood alcohol concentration, and will be punished.

The Busan Maritime Police Department decided to lift the position of the police officer and determine the level of disciplinary action based on the results of the investigation.

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