[전립선 방광살리기]The spouse needs to understand prostate bladder disease, sexual function problems

[손기정 일중한의원 원장] Another problem experienced by male and female patients who have suffered from prostate and bladder disease for a long time is sexual function, and difficulties in marital relationships are what patients visiting the clinic worry about it.

In conclusion, when prostatitis or cystitis comes, most of them are accompanied by problems with sexual function, but these diseases are not caused by an incorrect sexual life. Therefore, it is not something to hide or avoid blindly, and especially to treat prostatitis and cystitis and solve sexual problems together, it is a story where the understanding and warm support of the spouse is essential.

In the case of chronic cystitis in women, it is often treated and cured, but symptoms appear again after sexual or repeated intercourse. Married women are said to be on the verge of neurosis

Sohn Ki-jung, director of the Japan-China Korean Medicine Clinic (Doctor of Oriental Medicine)

She begins to avoid sleeping with her husband, and quarrels occur between husband and wife. The reason cystitis symptoms appear when you have sex like this is because of stimulation. Cystitis is a disease where germs from around the perineum or anus enter the bladder through the urethra and cause inflammation. It occurs most often in women because the urethra is shorter than in men. However, when cystitis is not cured, the urethra is swollen due to inflammation. As long as the edema has not completely subsided, inflammation may be considered dormant, and in this condition, if a strong stimulus such as overwork or intercourse is added, it will occur again.

It is useful to abstain from intercourse as much as possible when treating cystitis. This is because the extra stimulation can worsen symptoms and delay treatment. What I want to ask is that it is right to explain the disease to the husband and wife in detail and seek understanding about the marital relationship during the treatment period. There is no reason to be ashamed or to hide it.

The same is true of prostatitis in men. One of the concerns of men who have suffered from prostatitis for a long time is that they are not contagious to their spouses. There are cases where condoms are used every time they have sex even though they are not using contraception because they are mistaken for sexually transmitted diseases, or if they show even the slightest symptoms, they stop having sex altogether. Moreover, the bride-to-be before the wedding is worried that the new bride will be infected with bad germs. Among patients with chronic prostatitis, bacteria are less than 10% and 90% are non-bacterial. If it’s not bacterial, you don’t have to worry about infecting your partner during intercourse.

In particular, chronically relapsing patients do not necessarily avoid or shrink from intercourse. However, if it is found to be bacterial by an initial test, it can be cured by taking antibiotics to the end. If not reliably treated, non-infectious germs remain in the urethra or nearby tissues, causing adverse effects over a long period of time. You must keep this in mind.

It is important for healthy men to have a hygienic sex life in order to prevent prostatitis and prevent recurrence. A healthy and appropriate sex life is rather favorable to the health of the prostate. In addition, men suffering from chronic prostatitis do not need to be overly alarmed in their sexual life. This is because chronic prostatitis is not a chronic disease that does not heal well, but a disease that can be treated very well. When prostatitis is cured, sexual life satisfaction increases, so it is important to pay attention to treatment.


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