[정치][굿모닝브리핑] Infighting intensifies over ruling party’s transition to non-captain

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It is Monday, August 1st. Let’s take a look at what the newspaper covered this morning. Announcer Lee Hyun-woong has summarized the main contents. welcome. Let’s see the first article.

As floor leader Kwon Seong-dong resigned as acting representative of the party, a new phase has come. If you look at the title, it says that it will be a non-substitute system, but it’s not a conversion right away, is it?


That’s right. Representative Kwon said that he would make every effort to convert the non-captaining system, but it seems that it remains to be seen whether it will go as planned. This is because there is still a difference of opinion on the interpretation of the loss of function of the highest rank, which is the requirement for non-substitute conversion, whether this refers to when all members resign or when more than half of the members resign.

And even if he goes to the non-captain, who will be the chairman of the non-captain can also become a new concern for the ruling party. Currently, five-term lawmakers Jeong Jin-seok and Joo Ho-young are being mentioned, but within the party there are calls for so-called Hek-kwan Yun to step down to the second term, so relatively neutral Rep. Jung Woo-taek and Cho Kyung-tae are also being discussed.

And the non-commissioned chairperson was told that the party representative or acting representative of the party is supposed to appoint it, but since there is no one now, there is a possibility of controversy over who will appoint the party. Seeing this kind of discussion, CEO Jun-seok Lee is of course opposed. This is because if you enter as a non-captain, your return may be cancelled. In many ways, the atmosphere of chaos in the ruling party persists.


This is the second article. The Ministry of Education is promoting elementary school admission from the age of five. There are several controversies. How was the article covered?


That’s right. As the issue of lowering the schooling age has been widely reported this time, opinions are coming out from all walks of life. In general, morning newspapers mainly introduced objection opinions. Among them, I prepared the Dong-A Ilbo.

First of all, a fundamental question is being raised as to whether a 5-year-old child can normally take the first grade curriculum of elementary school. Although there is a slight difference in the perspective of each expert, there are opinions that it is difficult to maintain concentration for 40 minutes, it is difficult to go to the bathroom alone, but a long class time is unreasonable.

There is also concern that private education for young children will increase. Compared to daycare centers and kindergarten childcare classes, there were concerns that elementary schools would be a greater burden for dual-income couples due to the lack of infrastructure thereafter. Discussions about lowering the schooling age have been conducted in previous governments as well.

From 1993, during the Kim Young-sam administration, and through the Roh Moo-hyun administration, discussions have been held during the Lee Myung-bak, Park Geun-hye, and Moon Jae-in administrations. However, it has been interrupted by the conclusion that the confusion is greater than the effect each time, so let’s see how this discussion unfolds.


Next article. If you look at the title, it starts with no more civil servants. Civil servants have always been at the top of the list of job prospects for college students. Now the mood seems to have changed.


That’s right. Over the years, such a move has become more visible. According to the Chosun Ilbo, there were close to 45,000 retired civil servants last year, of which about 11,500 were in the fifth year or less. If you take this as a percentage, 1 in 4 people was a retiree with less than 5 years of age.

When it comes to civil servants, being able to work stably for a long time until retirement is considered one of the biggest advantages. I’ll be there.

One of the reasons for this was cited by the newspaper as the declining powers and roles of civil servants. As the power of the National Assembly is on the rise, it is believed that the sense of achievement is relatively low. In addition, it is said that more and more people feel that they have no future because they think they are blocked in terms of personnel, compensation, and performance. Also, in terms of quality of life, which is often called work-life balance, there is a content that there is an increasing number of younger generations who feel that there is no big difference because there are many cases where the private sector also implements 52-hour work, telecommuting, and flexible work.

It is said that the number of applicants for civil service exams is declining significantly in this environment. In the case of the national 9th ​​grade civil service exam this year, it decreased by 27.5% compared to five years ago, but it was clear that the preference fell even considering that the population decreased by 6% in 2030 during the same period.


It was quite popular when we used the so-called iron rice bowl, so let’s take a look at it. Next article.

It’s about COVID-19. Although the growth has slowed, the number of new cases is still coming out by tens of thousands every day. In the midst of this, there was an article criticizing the infection related to swimming in the water.


That’s right. This photo was published in the Korea Daily. A lot of concerts, performances, and festivals are being held recently in response to the hot summer months. As you can see by looking at the enlarged picture now, there are some people who take off their masks or wear only half of them. Also, even if it is being used, it has been pointed out that if it gets wet, it is ultimately useless.

And although it’s outdoors, many people are concentrated in one space like this, and in the case of a concert, don’t they shout? It has been pointed out that there is a high possibility that the saliva will splash. That’s why, after actually going to a water play like this, there are a lot of reviews on the internet saying that they were confirmed.

The Hankook Ilbo reported that there were criticisms that the quarantine authorities were responding passively. Last month, the quarantine authorities said they would check the quarantine status of the water play type amusement park, but they also pointed out that there was no mention of such a water play performance. In this situation, the article also expressed that the government, which has put forward the principle of self-quarantine, is giving up on infection in the water. In the end, it was an article to point out.


Next article. We have informed you that the Ulchi Freedom Guardian training will be revived under the name of the Ulchi Freedom Shield. Are there any other joint trainings in progress?


That’s right. This article was published in the JoongAng Ilbo. It is said that the suspended joint exercises are being resumed one after another. One of them is the twin dragon training. This is the name of the combined amphibious exercise in which the ROK and U.S. Marines are the main pillar.

It was discontinued again in 2018, but is expected to be revived in the spring of next year. It is expected between March and April next year. As there is still plenty of time to prepare, the Marine Corps is expected to prepare to participate on the largest possible scale. In addition, it is said that the South Korea-U.S. high-level extended deterrence strategy consultative body will be held in September, and after that, extended deterrence measures will be practiced.

In this way, the suspended training is resumed and the coalition posture is intensifying, but North Korea has also issued a strong warning that measures corresponding to playing with fire may be taken over this. Therefore, experts saw this month as a turning point in the situation on the Korean Peninsula.


Let’s see the last article. It’s a popular drama. This is news related to strange lawyer Woo Young-woo. It is said that the hackberry that Woo Young-woo protected in the play is also gaining popularity. Please tell us about it.


That’s right. It is a tree that appeared heavily in episodes 7 and 8 of the drama. It’s expanding now. I think a lot of people remember this tree because a lot of people have been watching the drama recently.

It’s not computer graphics. It is a tree that actually exists, but it is said to be located in Changwon City. It is a tree in a small rural village where about 50 residents live. After appearing in the drama, about 200 to 300 tourists a day continue to visit to see this tree.

Residents of the village have drawn murals and made signposts to guide the way to the hackberry tree, welcoming tourists. This tree was designated as a protected tree in 2015 and is estimated to have a history of 507 years. That’s why there is a growing concern that it might be damaged. The city of Changwon said it plans to prepare protective measures such as installing a fence.


It is said that the Cultural Heritage Administration is investigating whether this tree will be designated as a natural monument like a drama. We’ll keep an eye on it. I’ll listen here. Thank you.

YTN Hyun-woong Lee (leehw1118@ytn.co.kr)

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