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[정치][팩트와이] “Kim Ki-hyun, estimated 1,800 times profit with Ulsan land”…Is it true?

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While the public’s attention is focused on real estate corruption, this time, suspicions surrounding the Ulsan land of the People’s Power floor leader Kim Ki-hyun have been raised.

It is reported that floor leader Kim made 1,800 times profits from the road construction project near Ulsan KTX Station.

This is Fact Y, reporter Shin Ji-won.


This is the land owned by Kim Ki-hyeon, the floor leader in Ulju-gun, Ulsan.

It is a land that does not have any direct contact with the road, and the total area of ​​the forest and ranch is 115,000 square meters, about 35,000 pyeong.

It is about 2km away from Ulsan Station, where KTX passes, and suspicions of speculation arose when Ulsan City was reviewing a road construction project in this area.

The Democratic Party of Korea has formed a fact-finding task force, saying that Kim, who served as the mayor of Ulsan, is expected to make about 64 billion won in profits from public development projects.

[양이원영 / 더불어민주당 의원 (지난 7일) : 상식적으로 이해하기 어려운 노선 변경으로 김기현 원내대표 개인에게 1,800배가 넘는 시세 차익을 남길 수 있는 사건입니다.]

▶ 1,800 times the market profit of land price?

Floor leader Kim purchased the land in 1998, 23 years ago.

At that time, the official individual land price averaged 332 won per m2 and 1,097 won per pyeong.

The Democratic Party TF compared this individual official land price with the recent actual transaction price of land A near the land of floor leader Kim.

In February, the land A adjacent to the road was traded for about 2 million won per pyeong near the site owned by the floor leader Kim, and assuming the road was opened, the official price of land A from 23 years ago and the actual transaction price of land A this year were 1,800 It’s an estimate of double earnings.

The floor leader Kim said that an acquaintance who attended the same church purchased the land that was sold due to business difficulties, but did not specify how much he paid for it.

▶ If there is a road, 1.83 million won per pyeong?

While the land of floor leader Kim belongs to the conservation area and development is limited, the land A is classified as a ‘land’ and is a land where buildings can be built.

So, even in 1998, when floor leader Kim purchased the land, there was a big difference between the official land prices of the two lands.

[양강호 / 감정평가사 : A 토지는 도시지역 내에 있기 때문에 가치가 상당히 높고요. 지목도 대지이고 언제든지 건축행위가 가능합니다. 다만, 이 땅(김 원내대표 땅)의 경우에는 보전관리지역 내 임야기 때문에 개발행위나 건축행위는 시군구의 인허가 사항이 까다로울 수 있다는 견해를 가지고 있습니다. (A 토지가) 3~4배 이상은 좋다고 봐야죠.]

Even if a road is created as suspected, it is not easy to change the land of the floor leader Kim, which is the forest and ranch land, to land like the land A.

First of all, like the land of floor leader Kim, if a tunnel passes through, the use of the land cannot be changed unless it is at the entrance of the tunnel, but the land is located in the middle of the tunnel, not the entrance.

Even if the use can be changed, the process is complicated.

According to the Mountain Area Management Act, it is difficult to convert a mountainous area in a conservation management area to land unless you are a farmer, forester, or fisherman.

Transmission towers standing around the land and a dam 3 km away are also obstacles to re-use of the land.

However, in the long term, if the development of the surrounding area continues after the road is opened, the possibility that the use of the land of floor leader Kim will change cannot be ruled out.

This is YTN Shin Ji-won.

▶ Reporter: Shin Ji-won [[email protected]]

▶ Intern reporter: Kim Seon-woo [[email protected]]

YTN Shin Jiwon ([email protected])

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