[정치][현장영상+] Lee Jae-myung “I will make my dream of owning a house a achievable goal”


Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is currently in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, targeting the metropolitan area.

A little while ago, Eunpyeong Hanok Village in Seoul announced seven major pledges to develop Seoul into a global economic and cultural capital.

Real estate and transportation promises were all included.

Let’s go to the Q&A with the reporters.

[이재명 / 더불어민주당 대선 후보]

The specific location problem is replaced with what I told reporter Seo Young-ji earlier. In terms of what the real estate market will look like in the future, predictions may be different, but many real estate experts and global trends see that the most important factor is liquidity. Since it is judged to have risen, the general prediction is that it is likely to stabilize downward in the future.

In fact, in Korea, there are also reports that asking prices are falling around the outskirts of the metropolitan area. Nevertheless, the current housing price is too high for me, judging like this. So, I will say again if we supply housing in the future, but we supply enough in large quantities, but the supply price is very lower than the current market price, and actually it is not so high when the construction cost and construction cost are calculated.

That is a sufficient loan for our homeless people, especially the younger generation, and we need to make some exceptions to the loan. Financial restrictions have also been eased for acquiring the first home in life, so you can buy a house whenever you want. I want to make it clear that we want to make the dream of owning a home not just a dream, but an achievable goal. Even if housing prices show a downward stabilization trend, the housing supply plan will be implemented as it is.

And its core goal is to help homeless people realize their goal of owning a home at a low price. Let me tell you. I’ll just add one more. We don’t know whether or not we’ll get into what we’re going to do this time, but in fact, there are already concerns that we need to prepare for a fall in housing prices.

So, in order to prevent the hard landing that other countries have experienced, I would like to say that we have the idea that if there is a sudden change in housing prices, we will use it as an opportunity to secure public housing in large quantities.

We always thought of this when going up, but in fact, it’s time to prepare for a downturn, even a sharp decline. So, at this time, we do not want the real estate market to suffer a real crisis by neglecting it at this time, but if it falls below a certain level or below a certain level, we will have to secure public housing in the long term anyway, so I would like to make it an opportunity to secure the ratio of public housing, that is the housing price. It will help stability and help meet the goal of securing public housing.


You said last time that you are thinking about how to defend the price while purchasing public housing in case the housing price plummets. Could you please explain that part as well?

[이재명 / 더불어민주당 대선 후보]

Politics and administration should be conservative. This is not business management or start-up, so it should never fail. So, policy decisions need to be prepared for every possible worst case scenario. In that sense, I hope not to do that, but in reality, in the decades when housing prices have really disappeared like Japan, shouldn’t this expression come out?

what is lost Because it should not be expressed in this way, I think that a policy is necessary to prepare for a possible plunge, even if the possibility is small. And for that, of course, something like the Public Housing Management Corporation is absolutely necessary.

The current public housing is also inefficient because it is managed in a distributed way by each institution. In that regard, efficient management of existing public housing, management of public housing that will increase in the future, and, more broadly, talk too long, but now LH and these housing land supply companies have rental housing, so debt The ratio has gone up and we are unable to do the necessary business.

If you take out some assets and liabilities at the same time and manage them in a separate construction, there will be more room for public works such as LH Corporation, Seoul SH, or GH in Gyeonggi-do to do more public works. There is such a need, and I think the third would be something like the Housing Management Corporation. We haven’t decided on a name yet, but it’s a tentative name, so please express it like that.

Housing management corporations need to integrate management of existing ones and be the main agent of purchasing rental housing to be built or purchased in the future, and also manage the supply of new ones. So, a public institution that manages this house is necessary.

And just in case, Senator Mo said something strange like this before. You are attacking by distorting the fact that you are making construction to control house prices, but you are not making construction to control house prices. It’s not like buying a house when the price goes down, selling it when the price goes up, and marrying it. Rep. Mo Yoon said such strange things.

I don’t want this to happen in our politics. You distort what the other politician said. This is called the scarecrow rule. He changed someone else’s words and just shot him there. I wish I didn’t do this, so to avoid misunderstandings at that time, to be clear, this is not to control housing prices, but to use that time as an opportunity to secure public housing when the housing price falls below the expected level.

Nowadays, public housing is easy to build, but if you want to buy a new one, you have to buy it at the market price. Too expensive. Such is the situation with purchased rental housing. So, it is better to secure the purchased rental housing when it goes down.

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