[정치]’607.7 trillion super budget’ passed the deadline… Reflected 30 trillion won in ‘Lee Jae-myung-pyo local currency’

Article 607.7 New Year’s Budget Bill passed by the National Assembly… largest ever
Democratic Party “necessary for international security environment response”… 7.2 billion resurrection


Next year’s budget bill worth 607 trillion won has been passed by the National Assembly.

The ruling and opposition parties eventually failed to reach an agreement, and the Democratic Party’s amendment bill was handled alone, but there were no physical clashes, shouts, or workshops.

30 trillion won in local currency of Lee Jae-myung-pyo was also reflected in this budget.

Reporter Hwang Hye-kyung reports.


[박병석 / 국회의장 : 2022년도 예산안에 대한 수정안은 가결됐음을 선포합니다.]

A new year’s budget of 607.7 trillion won has been approved.

It was passed with 159 in favour, 53 against, and 24 abstentions out of 236 in attendance.

This is an increase of 3.3 trillion won from the budget proposed by the government and is the largest ever.

In particular, 68 trillion won was included in the budget for supporting small businesses, including the 30 trillion won issuance of local currency, which is the budget for the ‘Lee Jae-myung table’, and the current minimum amount of compensation for 100,000 won was increased to 500,000 won.

In addition, more than 7 trillion won was reflected in the budget for quarantine and medical support for emergency response to COVID-19.

While the budget for the light aircraft carrier project, which emerged as a last-minute issue, could not be reached in the end,

The People’s Power insisted on a cut as in the original plan, saying that the necessity was exaggerated.

[신원식 / 국민의힘 의원 : 정부의 경항모 사업 추진 과정이 졸속으로 점철돼있습니다. 수박 겉핥기식으로 타당성 검토를 했고….]

7.2 billion won was resurrected as the Democratic Party’s will that it was absolutely necessary to respond to the international security environment.

[안규백 / 더불어민주당 의원 : 주변국의 첨단 전력화에 우리는 대응을 해야 합니다. 서해를 자기 앞마당 내해하고 있는 중국의 시도는….]

Although the statutory deadline for processing this budget bill was exceeded by one day, there were no physical clashes, shouts, or quarrels despite disagreements at the last minute.

National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seok gave a positive evaluation, saying that both the ruling and opposition parties had agreed that the budget should be passed without delay in order to respond to emergency situations and provide growth engines.

This is Hwang Hye-kyung from YTN.

YTN Hyekyung Hwang ([email protected])

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