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[정치]At the end of the Democratic Party’s election campaign, turbulence in the People’s Power primary

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The Democratic Party of Korea is spurring the last-minute appointment ahead of the launch of the election next week.

People’s Power, as the primary voting starts next week, the presidential candidates are becoming turbulent as the race to win their hearts is overheated.

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The Democratic Party, which first confirmed the candidates for the presidential election, will be launched next week, right?


The launch of the election committee to support candidate Lee Jae-myung is three days away.

Prior to this, we plan to announce the results of the election the day after tomorrow.

As a result, Candidate Lee is spurring the formation of the party and last-minute election without an official schedule today.

First of all, the five runners who ran the primary together, including former CEO Lee Nak-yeon, former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, and former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, all joined the squadron.

The first button of forming a ‘one team’ has been successfully lifted.

So, the party announced that the theme of the formation of this previous squadron was Dream One Team, the Future.

The Democratic Party plans to hold a large-scale event on the 2nd of next month to coincide with the Corona transition with the launch of the predecessor.


The People’s Power starts the primary election next week, and it’s muddy ahead?


This time, it was alleged that senior members of the camp Yun Seok-yeol threatened the chairman of the People’s Power Party with the pretext of nomination.

He said that he called daily to remind Yoon to increase his approval rating.

In response, Rep. Hong Jun-pyo demanded that the relevant lawmakers get out of politics, stating that he would not give the right to recommend nominations for local elections in the future, even to the relevant party association chairperson.

However, middle-level lawmakers and former president Yoon’s camp, who were identified as the parties, refuted, saying that it was groundless and that someone was playing a joke behind the scenes.

Rep. Seong-min Yoo, who is a member of the National Assembly in this conflict, said that he was a long-awaited party, and he scolded that Koo Tae, who lined up the party chairperson, was not different from both sides.

Prior to this, on the contrary, there were rumors that the Hong Jun-pyo camp paid money to manipulate the poll results in an advantageous way.

Rep. Hong’s camp was groundless, and he even suspected the rival runner’s camp.

Power of the People Voting will begin in earnest from the day after the election of the final presidential candidate on the 5th of next month.

As the primary draws near, the competition among the presidential candidates appears to be turbulent.

So far, it has been delivered to the Parliament.

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