[정치]Commemoration of the ruling and opposition parties together in 5 years…”Finding the truth” vs. “Emphasis on the role of the state”


The people’s strength leadership attended the 7th anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster, and after 5 years, the opposition parties together comforted the victims.

With one voice, hoping that there will be no such tragedy again, the Democratic Party of Korea emphasized the investigation of the truth without sanctuary, and the power of the people weighed on the role of the state to protect the lives of the people.

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On April 16, when I came back,

In the political world, a wave of condolences over the Sewol ferry disaster continued.

President Moon Jae-in comforted the bereaved family through social media, stressing that only the truth prevents tragedy and advances a society where life is precious, and that he will take care of the truth to the end.

A new leader of the Democratic Party also attended a memorial service for the Sewol ferry and expressed its will not to stop trying to uncover the truth.

As a committee has been formed to recommend candidates for special prosecutors on the Sewol ferry, the plan is to launch a special prosecutor at the temporary National Assembly in April.

[양경숙 / 더불어민주당 의원 : 세월호 가족들이 요구하고 국민들이 명령하는 모든 사안과 혐의자들을 철저히 수사하는, 성역 없는 진상규명을 위해 앞장서겠습니다.]

The people’s strength in-hospital leadership also attended the Sewol ferry memorial ceremony held in Ansan.

It has been 5 years since the 2nd memorial service in 2016.

[주호영 / 국민의힘 대표 권한대행 : 국가가 국민의 생명을 지켜드리지 못한 비통함과 무력감을 다시는 느끼지 않도록 사고 예방에 만전을 기하고 안전한 대한민국을 만드는데 우리 국민의힘 당원들이 앞장서는….]

He also emphasized that there will be no distortions or corruption, as if conscious of the fact that some lawmakers spoke to the end during the predecessor of the Saenuri Party and the Free Korea Party.

However, he emphasized the role of the state to protect the lives of the people, saying that he would firmly cope with the act of using the pain of the Sewol ferry for political or private interests.

Seven years have passed, but the wishes of the bereaved family to know the truth of the day still remain only a wish.

It is noteworthy whether the ruling and opposition parties will be able to investigate the truth without sanctuary by launching a special prosecutor in this extraordinary National Assembly.

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