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[정치]Controversy spread over Lee Jae-myung’s ‘restaurant total system’ remarks… Wild “Idea of ​​totalitarianism” violent

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Controversy is spreading in the political arena over the ‘total limit system for restaurant licenses’ mentioned by Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung.

The People’s Power poured out a lot of rage saying it was a totalitarian idea, but Lee said that he did not intend to implement it immediately and took action.

Reporter Choi Ah-young reports.


The controversial remarks came out of a meeting with small business owners and the self-employed as the first step for livelihood.

[이재명 / 더불어민주당 대선 후보 (어제) : 하도 식당 문 열었다 망하고. 문 열었다 망하고. 이게 무슨 개미지옥도 아니고 음식점이나 대중음식점 허가 총량제를 운영해볼까 하는 생각을 했어요.]

He added that it is not freedom to open a restaurant and go bankrupt, and that good regulation is necessary.

The people’s power immediately poured out criticism.

[이준석 / 국민의힘 대표 : 이재명 후보의 아무 말 대잔치가 드디어 발동이 걸리기 시작했습니다. 문재인 정부의 경제 무능이 이재명 후보에게도 그대로 계승되는 것으로 보입니다.]

Opposition presidential candidates also joined in.

[윤석열 / 전 검찰총장 : 그건 전체주의적 발상이죠. 히틀러 나치 때도 그런 짓은 안 했을 겁니다.]

[홍준표 / 국민의힘 의원 : 영업의 자유의 본질적인 부분을 침해하는 반헌법적 발상입니다.]

As the headwinds grew stronger, Lee explained that he was not talking about implementing it immediately.

[이재명 / 더불어민주당 대선 후보 : 국가정책으로 도입해서 공론화하고 공약화하고 시행하겠다는 얘기는 아니었습니다. 고민해 볼 필요는 있다고 생각합니다.]

In the process, the restaurant self-employed person was compared to a fire moth, which caused another controversy.

[이재명 / 더불어민주당 대선 후보 : 마치 불나방들이 촛불을 향해서 모여드는 것까지는 좋은데 너무 지나치게 가까이 가서 촛불에 타는 그런 일은 막아야 하는 거죠.]

Candidate Lee drew a line that the time has come to talk about the introduction of a four-day work week as a promise to talk about as a hot topic in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, but it is premature.

First of all, it is pointed out that Lee started to pick up the election, saying that it was not a promise, but it was pointed out that he caused controversy by mentioning an unripe agenda.

This is YTN Choi Ah-young.

YTN Choi Ah-young ([email protected])

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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