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[정치]Four soldiers save the lives of the 40-year-old who collapsed from a heart attack

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A man in his 40s who was riding a bicycle in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, suddenly collapsed from a heart attack in the sweltering heat, and four nearby soldiers immediately performed CPR and saved the man’s life.

On the 22nd, around 8 am, a 44-year-old office worker, Mr. Jeong, rode a bicycle from Yeoncheon Sports Complex to Baekmagoji Station for about 5 km. While taking a break, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart and lost consciousness and collapsed.

Sgt. Park Kyung-soo, Sgt. Jang Woo-hyeon, Sergeant Park Ji-hwan, and Corporal Bon-seung Koo of the 5th Division Lion Brigade Advance Non-Secretary Battalion of the Army 5th Division, who were nearby, found the deceased and performed CPR until the 119 rescue team arrived. recovered.

Jung said that it was a dizzying moment as the head of a family with a wife and children in elementary school and middle school. He said he was very fortunate to have met soldiers who could take emergency measures.

Sergeant Park, who saved Jung’s life with his comrades, said in a phone call with YTN that someone had collapsed during reconnaissance, and ran to him and treated him according to the first aid method he usually learned in the unit. He said that saving the lives of the people is a very natural duty as a soldier.

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