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[정치]’Group infection’ evacuation of all soldiers of the Cheonghae Unit… 2 air force transport planes dispatched

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The government dispatched two air force transport planes to the local area to evacuate the 34th Marines of the Navy’s Cheonghae Unit to Korea.

This is because 61 additional people were confirmed and a large-scale group infection became a reality. Due to the unprecedented outbreak of Corona 19, all 34 of the Cheonghae Unit were on their way home early.

Reporter Han Yeon-hee reports.


Two Air Force multi-purpose refueling transport aircraft capable of carrying 150 people each left Gimhae Airport.

This is to transport soldiers belonging to the Cheonghae Unit, where a group of confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred, to Korea.

The operation name is ‘Oasis Oasis’.

During the domestic evacuation process, more than 200 special mission team members, including 13 medical personnel to treat confirmed troop members and 148 soldiers who will operate the Munmu the Great to Korea, also left to the site.

Bulkheads have already been installed on the aircraft to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and crew members will wear protective clothing throughout the evacuation operation.

[서욱 / 국방부 장관 : (비행기가) 20개국의 영공을 통과해야 하는데 영공 통과에 대한 협조문제 등을 포함해서…. 여러 사람들이 정말 노력해서 이 작전이 시행되게 됐다고 생각하고….]

The reason why the military authorities decided to restore all 34 of the Cheonghae Unit is because the situation is so serious.

Of the 101 people who received local test results, 61 were confirmed, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 68.

Since there are 200 soldiers whose results have not been released yet, the number of confirmed cases is highly likely to increase significantly.

If the transport planes take off and land smoothly and there are no special issues, it is expected to arrive in Korea late in the afternoon of the day after tomorrow (20th).

As soon as the soldiers arrive, they undergo PCR testing again at a domestic hospital and are then transferred to quarantine and treatment facilities.

It is unprecedented for soldiers dispatched overseas to return home early due to a large-scale mass infection of COVID-19.

Criticism of the military authorities for failing to prepare measures to vaccinate overseas dispatched soldiers who are in the blind spot of treatment is inevitable.

This is YTN Han Yeon-hee.

YTN Han Yeon-hee ([email protected])

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