[정치]Light carrier budget revival of knights… Start of basic design for ‘Korean aircraft carrier’ next year


The light aircraft carrier project, promoted by the Navy, suffered a run-down crisis due to budget cuts at the National Assembly, but at the last minute the budget was revived and the knights were revived.

The Navy plans to start the basic design next year while focusing on building a public consensus on the ‘Korean Aircraft Carrier’ project.

Reporter Lee Seung-yoon on the report.


The 30,000-ton light aircraft carrier project, which the Navy has valued as a strategic weapon compared to the turtle ship, has been revived.

Earlier, last month, the National Assembly Defense Committee cut the budget in effect by subtracting 500 million won in overhead costs, and the project ran aground.

However, at the plenary session of the National Assembly, it was revived with the government’s original bill of 7.2 billion won.

Research on the 30,000-ton light carrier started under the Kim Young-sam government and was formalized in the mid-term defense plan in 2019, and the conceptual design and basic design plan were reflected last year.

[부석종 / 해군참모총장 : 경항모는 존재 자체만으로도 북한의 도발을 강력하게 억제할 수 있으며….]

As the budget is confirmed, the military plans to start the basic design as scheduled next year and promote the project with the goal of electrification by 2033.

A Navy official said, “We will do our best so that the project can proceed normally by actively collecting various opinions raised during the budgeting process.”

Although the Navy and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering are considering a flat-deck method that can increase the number of sorties of aircraft,

Hyundai Heavy Industries, who was in charge of the conceptual design, has proposed a ski jump platform method that can load more fuel and armament to the aircraft.

Competition for basic design orders for both methods is expected to be fierce.

The Navy plans to change its name to a ‘Korean Aircraft Carrier’ instead of a light aircraft carrier and to focus on efforts to gain the public’s sympathy.

This is YTN Lee Seung-yoon.

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