[정치]Minister Chung Eui-yong: “North Korea expects a positive response to the proposal to declare an end to the Korean War”

Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong said, “I expect that North Korea will respond positively in the near future” to the South Korean government’s proposal for an end-of-war declaration.

In a video interview with YTN’s ‘Evening with the News’ yesterday evening, Minister Jeong said, “Although North Korea’s response is key, North Korea has already made a declaration of an end to the war as the first step to replace the armistice with a peace treaty at the 2018 inter-Korean summit. We have reached an agreement on how to do it,” he said.

Minister Jeong said, “In relation to the declaration of an end to the Korean War, a consensus has been formed between the ROK and the United States on the importance of implementation, and a de facto agreement has been reached on the text.” added.

He also evaluated that President Moon Jae-in’s trip to the three Middle East countries was very successful overall, saying, “One of the achievements is that Egypt, which plays a leading role in diplomacy in Africa and the Middle East, expressed its full support for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.”

Minister Jeong is on a tour of President Moon’s three Middle East countries, so this interview was conducted via video connection in Egypt, the last country to visit.

YTN Kyojun Lee ([email protected])

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