[정치]Moon, luncheon with the heads of large corporations… Criticism of “pardoning the government of Nongdan” at Lee Jae-yong’s attendance

Wen “Please help me so that companies do not succumb to youth”
Emphasize that ‘talent’ is the most reliable investment destination for a company
Efforts to expand participation of IT and platform companies in ‘Youth Hope ON’
Meeting between President Moon and Lee Jae-yong, criticized for being inappropriate


President Moon Jae-in invited the heads of companies that helped create jobs for youth to the Blue House and had a luncheon together.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, who was released on parole in August, also attended the event.

Following the pardon of former President Park Geun-hye, critics have been criticized for giving indulgences to the government-run Nongdan forces.

This is reporter Baek Jong-gyu.


President Moon Jae-in, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, and Hyundai Motor Chairman Chung Eui-sun gathered together for the first time in six months.

These are the heads of companies participating in the ‘Youth Hope On’ project that supports youth job creation.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 6대 기업이 청년 일자리 창출을 위한 마중물이 되어주신 것에 다시 한 번 감사드립니다.]

President Moon urged businesses to become a strong force so that young people do not sink into a generation lost due to the corona virus.

At the same time, he mentioned that it was thanks to excellent human resources that Korea was able to become a developed country, and emphasized that human resources are the most reliable investment for companies.

In addition, it is the responsibility of companies to create good jobs, and the government promised to actively support IT and platform companies to participate in youth job creation projects.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 정부와 기업이 길을 잘 열어주고 기회를 만들어주기만 한다면 세계 경제의 변화를 선도적으로 이끌어나갈 글로벌 인재로 발전해 나갈 수가 있습니다.]

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong also attended the meeting and met President Moon for the first time since his parole in August.

[이재용 / 삼성전자 부회장 : 저희도 청년들에게 희망을 주고 또 미래의 인재를 육성하는 프로젝트임을 잘 알고 있습니다. 더 열심히 하겠습니다.]

There was no separate talk about the amnesty of Vice Chairman Lee, but critics from the political circles criticized that the meeting itself was inappropriate.

[심상정 / 정의당 대선 후보 : 이재용 씨를 대기업 총수들과의 간담회 자리에 공식초청한 것은 대통령이 나서서 취업제한 조치 무력화를 공인해준 것과 다름없습니다.]

The Blue House was wary of over-interpreting this, saying that this meeting was a place to invite entrepreneurs who contributed to job creation for young people.

This is YTN Baek Jong-gyu.

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