Home News [정치]President Moon “Going to enter the world’s 20th largest corruption index by 2022”

[정치]President Moon “Going to enter the world’s 20th largest corruption index by 2022”

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President Moon Jae-in said South Korea’s goal is to reach the top 20 in the world in terms of the corruption perception index by 2022.

President Moon said in a video congratulatory speech at the International Anti-Corruption Conference held on video today, saying that the government established a five-year anti-corruption comprehensive plan right after the government was inaugurated, and last year, the corruption perception index reached the top 30 in the world with a record high score.

At the same time, the Korean people said that they believed that the government would be transparent and fair, cared for their neighbors, and kept their daily lives. They said that they would spread the power of openness, transparency, and democracy of K-Defense into all areas, including the inclusive economy.

The international anti-corruption conference, which marks its 19th this year, was originally scheduled to be held in Seoul, but it was the first ever to be held online due to the spread of Corona 19 and will continue for four days until the 4th.

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