[정치]The opposition parties, last minute negotiations on the budget bill … Han Dong-hoon’s ‘debt theory’


With the end of the regular National Assembly approaching in two days, the ruling and opposition parties are continuing the last minute negotiations today to pass next year’s budget bill worth 639 trillion won.

In the power of the people, a study group led by pro-Yun Seok-yeol lawmakers was launched, and the idea of ​​appointing Attorney General Han Dong-hoon for the next party convention is controversial.

Correspondence to Parliamentary Correspondents. Reporter Eom Yoon-ju!

Are the ruling and opposition parties meeting today to process next year’s budget bill?


Today, the ruling and opposition parties operate a 3+3 consultative body consisting of the floor leaders of both parties, the chairman of the policy committee, and the secretaries of the preliminary committee, and continue the last minute negotiations for a bill next year’s budget. .

A little later, at 10:30 am, a meeting of the floor leaders of the ruling and opposition parties is scheduled to be chaired by the Speaker of the National Assembly Kim Jin-pyo.

The key issues are reducing the cost of relocating the Yongsan Presidential Office, Seok-Yeol Yoon’s budget, and increasing the budget for local funds, Jae-Myeong Lee’s budget.

Here, the ruling and opposition parties are fighting over bills related to the budget in question, such as income tax and a comprehensive real estate tax.

Both sides agree on the budget bill within the regular session of the National Assembly on the 9th, but variables remain.

This is because the Democratic Party is pushing for the dismissal or impeachment of Public Administration and Security Minister Lee Sang-min.

This afternoon, the Democratic Party will hold a general meeting of lawmakers and decide on the direction of the final censure against Minister Lee Sang-min.


In the power of the people, a study meeting of pro-Yun Seok-yeol lawmakers was launched?


The ‘People’s Empathy’, a study group created by members of the pro-Yun Seok-Yeol family as the main axis, was officially launched today.

Although it started early in the morning, more than half of the members of the People’s Power were present.

In particular, this meeting attracted a lot of interest in a situation where the opinion ‘we need a representative who can win the hearts of the metropolitan area and the young generation’ came publicly from the party leadership.

Before the study meeting, Representative Jang Je-won, a representative from Yoon-gyeom’s party, poured out statements of determination towards Brigade Chairman Jeong Jin-seok and floor leader Joo Ho-young.

As for the theory of the so-called Minister Han Dong-hoon, he directly attacked that he was using it for his own politics, but I will listen.

[장제원 / 국민의힘 의원 : 후보 이름 거명하면서 우리 후보들을 깎아내리는데 당에 결코 도움이 안 된다고 생각하고요. (비대위원장이) 당 대표 선거에 기준 제시하고 가이드라인을 제시하는 건 심판으로서 옳은 자세가 아니라 생각합니다. 행정부에서 열심히 일하는 사람을 정치권에도 끌어들여서 자기 정치에 이용한거다, 전 이렇게 생각하거든요.]Representative Kwon Seong-dong also dismissed the debate over the choice of Minister Han Dong-hoon as only a small part of the debate.

[권성동 / 국민의힘 의원 : 전당대회가 내년 2월 말이나 3월 초인데 시일이 촉박하기 때문에 한동훈 차출론은 아주 극히 일부에서 주장하는 것이 아닌가 이렇게 보고 있습니다.]

Regarding the theory of borrowing from the political world, Minister Han Dong-hoon met with reporters in the National Assembly today and drew the line that he would do his best even though he was insufficient as the Minister of Justice.

However, the person who raised the representative theory of the ‘metropolitan MZ generation’ this time, Jin-seok Jeong and Ho-young Joo, chairman of the Brigade Committee, were not present at today’s meeting.

Instead, the runners of the next party gathered in one place and drew attention.

Representative Kim Ki-hyun, who cast a vote for the party representative early, and Ahn Chul-soo were also present, but each party was wary of widening the interpretation, saying it was just a pure study meeting.

With the competition for the next party power in earnest, the theory of holding a party convention in late February and early March next year is gaining momentum, and calculating the influence of the large-scale pro-Yun group gathering in the party becomes complicated for the party runners.

This is Eom Yun-joo’s YTN in the National Assembly so far.

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