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[정치]’The time of the motherland’ thrown in the passport… the Democratic Party’s’contemplation’ of innovation

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With former Justice Minister Cho Kook ahead of the publication of his memoirs, passport officials, including presidential election runners, spearheaded a stance in advocating for Cho.

The Democratic Party’s leadership, who said to lead next year’s presidential victory through innovation, is in a disturbing atmosphere.

Reporter Kim Joo-young reports.


The memoirs of former Justice Minister Cho Kook, which are set to be officially published on the 1st of next month, are heating up the publishing world.

There are already places that have been ranked #1 in bestsellers by field.

An official in the publishing industry said that it wasn’t just a reaction, it was explosive, and that such a reaction to books is rare.

But the hot reaction broke out elsewhere as well.

It is the politics.

Former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon, a leading Democratic Party presidential election runner, pledged to complete the reform of the prosecution, saying that he was heartbreaking and sorry.

The Lee Myung-bak administration has also turned the cause of the unfair controversy over the daughter of former Minister Cho.

[이낙연 / 더불어민주당 전 대표 : 이명박 정부 시대에 그 제도를 도입했어요. 그 제도 자체가 불평등한 제도였다. 이것이죠. 조국 장관이 등장하기 훨씬 전….]

Another presidential election runner, former Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun and former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, who had an extreme conflict with former Prime Minister Yoon Suk-yeol, also continued their remarks surrounding former Minister Cho Kuk.

In particular, former Minister Choo Mi-ae, who is running for presidential election, is gradually increasing his public actions in line with the publication of his motherland memoirs.

[추미애 / 전 법무부 장관 : 선거 딱 지고 나니까 평가를 조국 탓이다 추미애 탓이다 이렇게 이상한 방향으로 끌고 가길래 요 며칠 전까지 심하게 우울증 비슷하게 좀 앓았어요.]

The leaders of the Democratic Party, who promised to renew the party by holding the public reflection of the first elections and the bitter voices of the people of 2030, are deepening concerns.

[송영길 / 더불어민주당 대표 (지난 3일) : 제가 우리 민주당의 변화를 통해서 유능한 개혁과 언행일치 민주당을 말씀드렸는데 그렇게 만들어나가도록 하겠습니다.]

This is because I am worried that the engine of innovation will decrease if I move on as it is, and I am concerned about the supportive layer of the pro-moon stiffness when I draw a line.

A key Democratic Party member expressed confusion, saying that it would be nice to shake off the controversy over the motherland, but just apologizing is not a problem that will end.

As CEO Song Young-gil is planning a press conference for the month of his inauguration next week, I am interested in whether or not he will begin to clarify his position on the situation in his country.

YTN Kim Joo-young[[email protected]]is.

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