[정치]Yoon Seok-yeol and Kim Jong-in, policy and pledge coordination…


A day before the launch of the Election Countermeasures Committee, Candidate Yun Seok-yeol of People’s Strength and former Chairman Kim Jong-in met to coordinate policies and promises.

Even though additional appointments were announced one after another, Yoon Seok-yeol is rapidly taking shape, but controversy continues, such as recruiting and withholding dermatologist Ham Ik-byeong.

Correspondent Lee Kyung-guk.


Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon, who came to Seoul after completing a campaign in Busan with CEO Jun-seok Lee, went to work and focused on preparations for the inauguration ceremony of the election that was approaching the next day.

[윤석열 / 국민의힘 대선 후보 : 연설문 같은 거도 한 번 좀 봤고, 다른 일도 조금 했습니다. 나온 김에.]

Former Chairman Kim Jong-in also stopped by the company and met with Yun Seok-yeol for about 30 minutes to discuss the policies and promises to be made in the presidential election.

In fact, former Chairman Kim, who will be in charge of the People’s Power predecessor, put the polarization caused by COVID-19 to the fore.

[김종인 / 전 국민의힘 비상대책위원장 : 일부 사회계층이 경제적으로 황폐한 상황을 겪고 있어서, 다음 대통령이 어떻게 조기에 수습할 수 있을 것이냐….]

Additional appointments of the new captain have also been announced.

Roh Jae-seung, who became a hot topic when he delivered a speech in support of Candidate Oh Se-hoon during the last Seoul mayoral by-election, and former National Assembly Vice Chairman Park Joo-seon joined as co-election chairs.

Director Ham Ik-byeong, well-known as a dermatologist, was also appointed, but in a media interview in 2014, remarks such as that women should exercise 30,000 rights because they do not have the duty of national defense were controversial.

[신현영 / 더불어민주당 선거대책위원회 대변인 : 20대 여성과 남성을 이간질하는 발언이었다는 점에서 대단히 심각합니다. 즉각 사퇴시키고, 2030 여성들에게 사과해야 합니다.]

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon immediately put the recruitment on hold, saying that the public should be able to convince them.

[윤석열 / 국민의힘 대선 후보 : 경위라든지 이런 거에 대해 국민이 납득할 수 있는 그런 설명이 있으면, 그때….]

The People’s Power also completed most of the major structures of the election committee, including appointing former chief of staff Lim Tae-hee as the head of the general situation headquarters of the election committee, and joining Yeom Yeom, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, who had played at the Hong Jun-pyo camp.

It is interesting to see how the election of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who had difficulty raising the anchor due to the Ulsan negotiation with CEO Lee Jun-seok and the sudden joining of former Chairman Kim Jong-in, will capture the public sentiment.

This is YTN Lee Kyung-guk.

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