[정치]Yoon Seok-yeol and Lee Jun-seok meet at a sudden agreement… Jo Dong-yeon resigns as the first Democratic Party recruit

Cho Dong-yeon, the Democratic Party’s ‘No. 1 recruitment’, resigns after three days
Democratic Party “firm position to resign… Accept after consulting with Lee Jae-myung”
Seok-Yeol Yoon and Jun-Seok Lee agree to have a dinner meeting around 7pm
On the 30th of last month, Lee Jun-seok met for the first time after starting his private walk.


People’s Power Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol and CEO Lee Jun-seok, who are heading into a conflict phase, agreed to hold a dinner meeting in Ulsan this evening.

It has been three days since President Lee refused to ask, but I am interested in whether the conflict will be resolved.

Cho Dong-yeon, co-chairman of the permanent election, who was the first recruit of the Democratic Party of Korea, resigned after three days of appointment as controversy arose over his private life.

We connect the National Assembly, reporter Kim Seung-hwan!


Yes, Parliament.


Let’s take a look at the Democratic situation first.

Chairman Cho Dong-yeon announced his resignation last night, but the Democratic Party expressed its intention to accept it, right?


Senior Spokesperson Koh Yong-jin said that Chairman Cho was firm in his position that he should resign to protect children.

He said that he had decided to accept his resignation after consulting with candidate Lee Jae-myung.

Candidate Lee said on SNS that the candidate himself would take all responsibility.

He said he was sorry to Chairman Cho and his family and asked them to be considerate so that there would be no further harm.

CEO Song Young-gil especially criticized the act of disclosing the identity of children with a strong tone.

Let’s hear it for yourself.

[송영길 / 더불어민주당 대표 : 이재명 후보를 돕기 위해 선대위에 참여한 사람을 10년 전 이미 양자가 합의해서 따로 가정을 이루고 있는 사안인데, 아이 얼굴 이름까지 밝혀서 공격하는 비열한 행위는 언론의 정도를 벗어난 것이라고 생각합니다.]

The party’s legal support team filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against the YouTube channel ‘Garosero Research Center’ and lawyer Kang Yong-seok, who exposed the personal life of Chairman Cho, on charges of defamation and defamation of the candidate.


This time, let’s take a look at the news of the people’s strength.

While the conflict between CEO Lee Jun-seok and candidate Yoon Seok-yeol is not serious, the two eventually decided to meet?


Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon and CEO Jun-Seok Lee, agreed to have an evening meeting at a restaurant in Ulsan around 7 pm this evening.

This is the first meeting since CEO Lee canceled all schedules on the 30th of last month and began to conduct private activities in various parts of the country, including Busan and Jeju Island.

Kim Ki-hyeon, the floor leader of Ulsan in the constituency, went down and prepared a seat.

Let’s listen to the remarks of floor leader Kim.

[김기 현 / 국민의힘 원내대표 : 예산안 처리가 됐기 때문에, 시간을 가지고서 이 대표 만나 뵙고 또 오전에 후보도 만나 뵈었습니다만, 좀 더 좋은 방안이 무엇일지 고민하는 자리를 마련하기 위한 것이고요. 후보께서도 오신다고 연락을 받아서, 함께하는 자리를 만들었으면 좋겠다.]

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon is still on his way down to Ulsan, so he hasn’t arrived yet.

The evening meeting is scheduled to take place with only three people present, including Candidate Yoon, Representative Lee, and floor leader Kim.


Finally, let’s take a look at the news of next year’s budget proposal. In fact, it was handled solely by the Democrats?


Yes, at the plenary session this morning, the budget for next year was passed one day past the legal deadline.

Of the 236 MPs, 159 voted in favor, 53 opposed and 24 abstained.

It is the largest ever recorded at 607.7 trillion won, an increase of 3.3 trillion won from the original government plan.

68 trillion won in support for small businesses such as loss compensation and local currency was included, and 7 trillion won was included in the budget for quarantine and medical support to respond to COVID-19.

The power of the people, who previously had a disagreement with the Democratic Party over the light aircraft carrier project and the amount of compensation for small business owners, voted against or abstained from voting at the plenary session without any special opposition.

So far, this is YTN Kim Seung-hwan in the National Assembly.

YTN Kim Seung-hwan ([email protected])

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