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[종합] Espa, ‘Black Mamba Conqueror with Hip Fantasy Color’ (Espa Savage Meeting)

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The group aespa has returned with a colorful and hip fantasy color that embodies their worldview.

On the 5th, an online meeting was held to commemorate the release of Espa’s first mini-album ‘Savage’ on SM Entertainment’s artist YouTube channel.

The meeting was held on this day with the moderator of Jaejae, a senior member of the group, in the order of △showing the MV and performing video of the title song ‘Savage’ △b-side song highlights △Q&A with reporters.

◇’First physical in a year’ Espa mini album ‘Savage’

Espa’s mini album ‘Savage’ is the first physical album since their debut in November last year.

This album richly contains Espa’s worldview narrative from the debut song ‘Black Mamba’ to the previous single ‘Next Level’, and at the same time expresses various musical colors.

Gisele and Winter said, “The first mini-album Savage is a work we prepared to show the upgraded image of Espa.

Photo = provided by SM Entertainment.

◇’Straightness → vagueness, colorful Espa sense’ Espa mini album ‘Savage’

The album track consists of a total of 6 songs. First of all, the title song ‘Savage’ of the trap genre, which expresses the story of Espa and avatar ‘ae’ going to the wilderness (KWANGYA) with the help of ‘nævis’ and confronting ‘Black Mamba’, will come to the fore.

Next, △ ‘ænergy’, which introduces the characters of Espa members against the backdrop of a magnificent sound, △ ‘I’ll Make You Cry’, with its charismatic vocal tone amid a unique rhythm and tense synth mix △ The deep house dance song ‘YEPPI YEPPI’ with various genre points occupy the middle.

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Espa Carina.  (Photo = provided by SM Entertainment)

Winter and Karina said, “The b-side song ænergy is a song where you can guess our worldview and a song where you can feel positive energy.” .

In addition, △ ‘ICONIC’, a dance song with an attractive energetic drum sound with a reversal point, and △ ‘Lucid Dream’, an Espao farewell song that utilizes the lyrical charm of the melody with dreamy vocals and harmony.

Winter said, “Lucid Dream is a song that represents the various aspects of our strong and cool side.”

◇’Full-scale confrontation with Black Mamba, Espa’s hip confidence’ New title song ‘Savage’

Espa’s new song Savage, seen in the music video and perform video, felt like a hip-hop song emphasizing a sense of straightness in line with the concept of reflecting the worldview of a full-fledged confrontation with Black Mamba.

Against the background of the base line, which gives a feeling of heavy weight and dynamic sense, the feast of synth points and edged wraps that feel like metal spread upwards, giving a sense of straightness.

Espa Giselle.  (Photo = provided by SM Entertainment)

In addition, the bridge part leading to the chorus showed a magnificent yet gentle atmosphere as if reminiscent of the harmony between Navis and ae-Ispa, who were facilitators for the confrontation with the Black Mamba, along with the vocal-oriented development.

Carina and Giselle said, “When I was working on the title song, I had a lot of fun working on it. Producer Yoo Young-jin gave me strength with the lyrics and song, and Teacher Lee Soo-man took care of the overall part in detail as well as Chuimsae.”

In terms of video, this development was also outstanding. The unique genre ‘CAWMAN’ that expresses SMCU (SM Culture Universe), such as the odd-eye feel of Karina, the uniqueness of the cybernetic color CG background, and the expression of any color that unfolds with the meeting with Nivis just before the highlight. The screen composition of Savage expressed in comics, anime, webtoons, motion graphics, avatars, and novels) is a confrontation between Espa VS Black Mamba, along with the concept acting of the Espa members that match the movement of the camera, which is called Black Mamba’s gaze. was shown in a more active way.

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Espa Ningning.  (Photo = provided by SM Entertainment)

Karina and Giselle said, “The title song Savage is a work of a world-view story that connects with the previous songs. By expressing the full-scale battle with Black Mamba through CG and animation effects, we expressed our world view as well as CAWMAN, the symbol of SMCU.” said.

In terms of performance, along with the color sense of the previous Black Mamba and Next Level, a more hip and flexible appearance was reflected. The hip color reminiscent of a boy group stage, the gorgeous atmosphere of the bridge, and the easy yet powerful and colorful choreography and movement were enough to give the impression of being more splendid and grown than the previous SPA colors.

Ning Ning said, “The title song Savage is a concept that fights against the Black Mamba, so I tried to melt it with a more relaxed and powerful image than before.”

Espa Winter.  (Photo = provided by SM Entertainment)

◇ Espa Winter “I want to repay a lot of interest through growth rather than burden through the metaverse worldview that was not previously available”

In short, Espa’s first mini-album Savage expresses the basic worldview of the story confronting ‘Black Mamba’ more thickly and intuitively, and it can be said that it is a work that shows the musical growth history of the girls who celebrated their 1st anniversary in detail.

Winter said, “This is my first physical album since my debut in November of last year. I worked hard to show various charms as much as you waited. I am the youngest in SMCU, and when I think of Espa, I think of ‘wilderness’, with the modifier ‘daughter of the wilderness’. I hope that it will be evaluated as ‘Spa’ as expected.”

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Winter continued, “I think I received a lot of attention and support through the metaverse worldview with avatars, which was not previously available.

Photo = provided by SM Entertainment.

Karina said, “I was surprised and thankful for the cover of the next level of many people, including Taeyeon and Key senior’s cover for ‘Amazing Saturday’. said

Ning Ning said, “It seems like it was just yesterday that we performed our first stage with Black Mamba, but time passed quickly. It seems that I am enjoying the stage. Thank you to the fans. I hope we will continue to be together in the future.”

On the other hand, Espa will release their first mini album ‘Savage’ at 6 pm today and start their official activities by holding ‘SYNK DIVE: aespa Savage SHOWCASE’ through the official YouTube channel at 8 pm, two hours after the release of the sound source.

Correspondent Dong-sun Park, Electronic Newspaper Internet ([email protected])




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