[종합] “Inducing savings banks to lower the loan-to-deposit interest rate gap if necessary”

“The easing of PF loan regulations is to secure regulatory equity between industries”
“The inspection and supervision of savings banks will be differentiated according to their size.”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Min Kyung-ha = Director of the Financial Supervisory Service Jeong Eun-bo said on the 1st, “If there is a need to lower the difference in interest rates between savings banks and deposits, we will consider ways to induce them.”

President Jung met with reporters after the ‘Saving Bank CEO Meeting’ held at the President Hotel in Seoul on the same day and said, “Currently, both the 1st and 2nd financial institutions are checking the loan-to-deposit interest rate difference. I’ll think of a way to induce it.”

According to Kang Min-guk’s Office of the People’s Power, the average deposit-to-deposit interest rate difference between savings banks over the past three years has averaged 7.2%p, which is four times that of commercial banks (average 1.9%p).

[서울=뉴스핌] Intern Reporter Kim Min-ji = Director of Financial Supervisory Service Jeong Eun-bo gives a greeting at a savings bank CEO meeting held at the President Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 1st. At this meeting, current issues in the second financial sector, including savings banks, and measures to manage household loans will be discussed. On the left, Yang Sun-jong, CEO of Star Savings Bank. 2021.12.01 [email protected]

In response, President Jung replied, “The difference in deposit-to-deposit interest rates between savings banks and savings banks tends to narrow even when compared to general banks.”

He said that the easing of PF (Project Financing) loan regulations was aimed at resolving the regulatory gap between industries. “The savings banks have consistently raised issues about regulatory equity,” said President Jung.

Unlike other business sectors, savings banks can only provide loans to borrowers who can finance 20% or more of the business capital required for the PF project with their own capital. So far, savings banks have consistently requested improvement, saying they are excessive regulation, but the financial authorities have rejected it, saying it is for risk management.

“The savings bank has been managing the PF loan risk for a long time, and since a significant part of it has passed, I think it is necessary to actively review the normalization,” explained Jung.

Savings bank supervision and inspection will be differentiated according to size. “The difference in size within the savings banking industry is widening,” Jeong said. .

It took a reserved position on the reduction of auto insurance rates. Director Jung said, “Since insurance premiums are market prices, it is difficult for us to directly intervene.”

The meeting was attended by Park Jae-sik, Chairman of Savings Bank, Oh Hwa-kyung, CEO of Hana Savings Bank, Park Chan-jong, CEO of Incheon Savings Bank, Park Ki-kwon, CEO of Jinju Savings Bank, Yang Sun-jong, CEO of Star Savings Bank, Im Jin-gu, SBI Savings Bank CEO, Heung-beom Huh, CEO of Kiwoom Savings Bank. did.

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