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[종합] ‘My brother’ fencing Kim Jung-hwan, Koo Bon-gil, Kim Jun-ho, Oh Sang-wook, received gold medals in entertainment

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The fencing saber national team Kim Jeong-hwan, Koo Bon-gil, Kim Jun-ho, and Oh Sang-wook received the entertainment gold medal.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros’ (hereafter ‘Young Brother’), which was broadcast on the 21st, the performances of Kim Jung-hwan, Koo Bon-gil, Kim Jun-ho, and Oh Sang-wook of the national fencing saber national team transferred from ‘World’s Strongest Avengers High’ were drawn.

On this day, the Avengers continued their past performances. Koo Bon-gil mentioned a story that was moved by Kim Jung-hwan’s words.

He said, “Junghwan hyung was my idol,” he said.

Goo Bon-gil said, “Jung Hwan-yi hyung said, ‘Are you going to become the national team in a year or two and meet at the athletes’ village?’, but like a lie, I became the national team member after a year and met Jung-hwan.” Kim Jung-hwan replied, “I saw Bon-gil play in the stands, and[Bon-gil]was as good as a player from the business team.”

Kim Jung-hwan mentioned commentator Won Woo-young, who shed tears. He said, “When I saw Wooyoung crying, I suspected that he was drawing a big picture.” Then, “I felt the sincerity of seeing Wooyoung hyung cry through the VCR,” he cried. Seeing this, Koo Bon-gil said, “Jung-hwan hyung also draws big pictures,” causing laughter.

Kim Jun-ho revealed his bad handwriting. He said, “When people say, ‘Why can’t you write,’ they say, ‘It’s because I grabbed a fencing knife.'” He added, “I write letters quickly,” he added.

Hearing this, Kim Jung-hwan asked, “Why did you use mine instead of mine?” He said, “Junho wrote it for me,” and “I got a call from there saying, ‘Is it Kim Jung-hwan or Kim Young-hwan?'” and made everyone laugh.

Kim Jung-hwan revealed that before becoming a fencer, he dreamed of becoming a b-boy. He said, “In our days, if you were good at b-boying rather than having a good-looking face, you were the most popular.” Kim Jung-hwan said, “I woke up to seeing Turbo Kim Jong-guk’s dance.

Kim Jung-hwan and Kim Hee-cheol competed in ‘Listen to Jeonju for 1 second and guess the song’. He showed confidence, saying, “I can beat Heechul.” Kim Jung-hwan defeated Kim Hee-cheol and showed off his extraordinary skills.

On the other hand, the Avengers went to the 2nd period ‘Ahyeong High School Fencing Representative Selection’ together with the older brothers. In the cap fencing contest, Kim Jun-ho proved his national team skills by defeating Lee Sang-min.

Before the confrontation with Seo Jang-hoon, Koo Bon-gil showed confidence by saying, “Junho, take a note.” Koo Bon-gil took off the hats of Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Hee-cheol, and Kang Ho-dong and finished with victory.

Oh Sang-wook defeated Min Kyung-hoon, who defeated Gu Bon-gil. Kim Jung-hwan instructed Oh Sang-wook to plan the operation, saying, “You hold on to the 9 points. I’ll finish the last one.” However, Kim Young-cheol produced an unusual twist of taking off Oh Sang-wook’s hat.

Kim Jung-hwan narrowed the gap by subduing his younger brothers. In the end, thanks to Kim Jung-hwan’s performance, the Avengers won the hat fencing showdown. Koo Bon-gil said, “I will receive good energy and go to Paris with Jung-hwan.” He said, “I will win another gold medal at the Paris Olympics.”

Meanwhile, ‘Knowing Bros’ is an entertainment program that aims for all kinds of games in the world that take place at the brother’s school of reason, loss, instinct, and faithfulness. Broadcast every Saturday at 9pm.

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