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[종합]’Andahaeng’ Park Myung-soo x Haha,’martial friendship’ struck by charismatic natural force

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[스포츠조선닷컴 이지현 기자] My new best friend Park Myung-soo and Haha faced the greatest crisis in their 13-year friendship on an uninhabited island.

MBC’s’If You Don’t Fight’ aired on the 24th, the last episode of Ahn Jung-hwan-Lee Young-pyo’s uninhabited island and the extreme wild story of a new best friend Park Myung-soo-haha unfolded in earnest.

Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Young-pyo again started self-sufficiency. The two men, who started collecting chinensis and wild bellflower, succeeded in finding them with samples and memories prepared by natural people. Lee Young-pyo, who is delicate, showed a cool analytical power to capture the features of the leaf, not the flower of bellflower. Lee Young-pyo responded, “When Jung Hwan-i hyung only looks for purple flowers, he finds an alternative. It is a one-dimensional enemy who does not think to solve the problem.”

On the other hand, when Lee Young-pyo cut off while digging bellflowers, he was criticized by Ahn Jung-hwan and repeated “I’m sorry.” Lee Young-pyo, who had a core in her heart, said, “Oh, if I was born two years earlier,” he sighed deeply alone. Ahn Jung-hwan responded, saying, “Even if you were a senior, I will do it.” In an interview with the production crew, Lee Young-pyo revealed his wish, “I want to become a senior for only 3 hours,” and at the recommendation of the MCs, the studio held an instant palm time. Lee Young-pyo smiled satisfactorily, saying, “This program is fine.”

Lee Young-pyo, who was preparing dinner, put a wooden base under the pot for boiling chwi-namul. The chinnamul, which had just burned, was finally engulfed in flames, and was discovered later and finally rescued. Everyone was amazed at Lee Young-pyo’s quick action preparing a wooden stand on the fire, and Ahn Jung-hwan lamented, “I was smart in the soccer field, but I came out to nature, so it’s a special lesson.”

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The last meal of the day is bibimbap with freshly cooked rice, chiwi greens and bellflower, and godong miso stew. Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Young-pyo, who served a delicious meal to natural people, said, “It’s eating nature. It’s natural bibimbap.”

Ahn Jung-hwan said, “I know why the teacher is here. The island has a lot of charm.” He chose’Hilltop’ as the best place. He also said he liked the sound of the boat from the sea. Lee Young-pyo added, “I liked the sound of the rain falling on the tin roof when I was sleeping,” and Ahn Jung-hwan played a joke, saying, “Change the Seoul house to tin,” and held a chemistry to the end.

On this day, a new best friend Park Myung-soo-haha appeared for the first time. After’Infinite Challenge’, the two people they first met on the air revealed that they were 13 years of friendship. The two headed for the island by boat, looking at the island from a distance, where both boats and people were rare, and expressed their confusion.

Park Myung-soo and Ha-ha entered the island because they had to be forced to enter the island to enter the island without a dock. Haha expressed the feeling that “I wanted to go home the most at this time” and got Ahn Jung-hwan’s sympathy.

I walked through a deserted island to find a natural person. The natural man swimming in the water greeted Park Myung-soo and Haha in the form of a beast, forming a bloody fear. As a result, even Barrack and Myung-soo Park, the first person in the rapture, politely put their hands together to increase the tension.

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Park Myung-soo and Haha were able to finally get home by climbing the steep mountain along with the natural man who left the sea. The natural man’s house was a secluded house with a gloomy atmosphere. Looking at this, Haha recalled, “Until that time, the fisheye was awkward,” Park Myung-soo said, “I was shrugged by the force of a natural person.”

A natural person started digging for clams with Park Myung-soo and Haha for’Shock Kalguksu’. Haha, who found an octopus in the clam field, trembled, but eventually couldn’t catch the octopus. When Park Myung-soo yelled at this, Haha shouted, “I really didn’t want to come!” and made a bursting sound 30 minutes after arriving on the uninhabited island.

As the natural man taught, the two took a clam without a break. Park Myung-soo continued to talk to natural people, and performed a three-way poem to change the atmosphere. However, the natural person is completely unresponsive. In response, Park Myung-soo added, “It is a process of becoming friendly.”

Park Myung-soo and Haha, who were helping natural people to catch the octopus, struggled again. Meanwhile, Park Myung-soo broke the shovel and caused a catastrophe, and the atmosphere became increasingly frozen. Haha, for his insignificant older brother, was more eager to find octopus, but even Haha’s shovel broke.

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