[주말 MBN] The truth hidden by singer Jo Young-nam

■ ‘Battle with God’ (Sunday, 16th 9:50pm first broadcast)

MBN ‘Fight with God’ MCs Gura Kim, Do Kyung-wan, and Kwang-hee and first broadcaster Jo Young-nam (from left).

A cool ‘life’ solution talk program is coming.

MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Fight with God’ is a new concept fantasy talk show in which MCs who are divided into the Great King Yeomra, angels and demons invite guests and then unravel the story of life. In each episode, different guests appear and honestly tell stories about their lives that have not been known until now along with their life stories that contain their joys and sorrows.

Gura Kim, Kyungwan Do, and Kwanghee will be MCs. The three people, who foretold their active role as MCs of ‘Do La Hee’, named after each letter one by one, are expected to give pleasant laughter and warm sympathy by adding a whimsical imagination to the stories of the guests’ sympathy with reality.

In the first broadcast, singer and painter Jo Young-nam will appear as a guest. Jo Young-nam, who made his debut in the music industry in 1968 with ‘Dililah’, has captivated the public with his unique charm for the past 50 years. Although he succeeded in establishing himself as a free-spirited artist and icon by entering the art world as well as as a singer, he stopped all activities due to the suspicion of a masterpiece painting.

The MCs dig into each and every detail of Jo Young-nam’s life story, and at the same time show off a different kind of fun with raw talk without packaging. Everything about his life is revealed in detail, from the ‘big picture controversy’ to the ‘best revenge’, the numerous stories surrounding him, the hidden truth, and the shocking revelations that he could not possibly reveal.
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