[지난밤TV] ‘Heart Signal 4’ came after the male catfish “painter and model”

Photo = Channel A

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자] A dinosaur class catfish appeared in ‘Heart Signal 4’.

In Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal 4’, broadcast on the 2nd, the first appearance of the residents at work was taken.

On the morning of the third day, the six residents opened their own day. At Signal House, which was busy getting ready for work, Shin Min-kyu and Kim Ji-min made their first carpool to work. After leaving the house, Kim Ji-min asked, “What kind of shoes are you going to wear?” Shin Min-kyu very quickly narrowed the distance between the two with a word of regret, “What are you wearing?”

In particular, the highlight of the broadcast on this day was the male catfish. He, who made the residents nervous with an unusual feeling, was 31 years old and was also active as a painter and model. In the air of Signal House, which changed with the appearance of the new tenants, Kim Eana said, “There was a cannibalistic feeling (from the current tenants),” referring to Shin Hu’s charisma. Yoon Jong-shin also admired him, saying he was “dinosaur level.”

With the appearance of God Later, the prediction team’s reasoning ran into trouble. Shin Min-kyu chose Kim Ji-min, Hankyoreh Kim Ji-young, Yoo Ji-won and Lee Hu-shin chose Lee Joo-mi, Kim Ji-min chose Yu Ji-won, and Lee Joo-mi chose Shin Min-gyu . Attention is focused on how the landscape of the dating line will change in the future.

Meanwhile, ‘Heart Signal 4’ is broadcast every Friday at 10:50pm.


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