[지난밤TV] ‘Thirty-three, the real me’… Lim Young-woong ‘My Little Hero’, reaction explosion |

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자] ‘My Little Hero’ Lim Young-woong sincerely charmed his heart.

On the 27th, KBS 2TV Lim Young-woong’s solo reality entertainment ‘My Little Hero’ premiered.

On this day, Lim Young-woong expressed his decision, “With the wishes of the fans, I went on an entertainment tour for the first time in a year. I will show myself as a normal 33-three, not a hero on stage. . “

First, Lim Young-woong met a native English teacher. The teacher who removed the veil was named Tyler. The two greeted each other with bright smiles and began to study English, and Lim Young-woong drew attention by using the words he had just learned in conversation.

Among them, Lim Young-woong learned the recipe for squid stew, his favorite menu item, along with his mother and grandmother, who were all out to learn the recipe for home-cooked meals.

In addition, the dressing room was revealed, as well as attracting attention with a professional look rehearsing very carefully for a successful LA concert.

Meanwhile, ‘My Little Hero’ is a total of 5 episodes, and the 2nd episode is scheduled to air on June 3rd.


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