[진단IS] ‘MBC Acting Awards’ Namgoong-min, remarks of three broadcasters’ Grand Slam ‘stained’

Actor Namgoong-min has photo time at the '2021 MBC Drama Awards' red carpet event held non-face-to-face on the afternoon of the 30th.  <Photo courtesy of MBC>” src=”<a data-ail=news/component/htmlphoto_mmdata/202112/31/463f9a92-429c-4e96-b5db-cdeecd692004.jpg”/>

Actor Namgoong-min has photo time at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’ red carpet event held non-face-to-face on the afternoon of the 30th.

Actor Namgoong-min has been awarded the grand prize for the second year in a row. After winning the ‘SBS Acting Award’ for last year’s drama ‘Stove League’, this year’s ‘Black Sun’ received the ‘MBC Acting Award’ grand prize.

The ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’, which aired on the afternoon of the 30th, was conducted exclusively by MC Kim Seong-ju for two consecutive years.

The strong nominees for the grand prize on this day were compressed to Namgoong-min and Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young, who led the box office success of ‘Red Sleeves’. MBC’s choice was Namgoong-min, the first button that cut off the drama’s slump, and there was no disagreement about the result.

However, during the live broadcast, there were moments that made you tilt your head one after another. During an interview with MC Kim Seong-ju, a powerful candidate for the grand prize, Nam Goong-min, he asked, “If you only receive the grand prize for MBC, you will achieve a grand slam. Were you thinking about this?” As soon as this remark came out, the viewers, as well as the reporters, who were watching in real time, tilted their heads.

Namgoong-min won the grand prize at the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’, but never won the KBS Drama Awards. The drama ‘Chief Kim’ won the top prize at the ‘2017 KBS Drama Awards’. As I recalled my memories, I thought it was a mistake, so I looked through the awards, but there was no record of winning the KBS Drama Awards. The production team of ‘MBC Acting Awards’ seems to have caused such an error because they did not confirm this part. The mention of Namgoong-min’s achievement of the Grand Slam was mentioned not only at this time, but also when actor Park Hae-jin was awarded the grand prize and even after he received the award. It is highly likely that MC Kim Seong-ju was not a momentary misunderstanding, but a script issue.

In the biggest terrestrial year-end festival, such a mistake caused confusion among viewers as it was broadcast during the live broadcast. This point was a point of regret. At the same time, unlike last year, a series of interviews with a strong purpose to draw time frowned upon.

By Hwang So-young, staff reporter


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