[초점+] Who is throwing controversy over Song Ji-hyo’s short cut ‘transformation’?

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[아시아경제 이이슬 기자] A skit is taking place in which some fans are demanding an explanation from the agency over the transformation of actress Song Ji-hyo into a short haircut and ‘gap-jil’ using the fan’s heart as an excuse.

Song Ji-hyo appeared with short hair on the SBS entertainment show ‘Running Man’, which was broadcast on the 28th of last month. He recently drew attention by revealing a photo of him transformed into a short cut on his social network service (SNS). Afterwards, the new style was revealed for the first time in the broadcast.

The members of ‘Running Man’ also showed interest in Song Ji-hyo’s transformation at the opening. One member asked, “Did you cut it because of the work?” and the other member responded, “Your face has absolutely no effect on your hairstyle” and “It suits you well”. Some members mentioned similar celebrities and consumed them as a joke in entertainment, but they responded well as they were.

The most important thing is Song Ji-hyo’s attitude to accept it. He clearly stated that he changed his style voluntarily, not as a reaction that he regretted changing his style or that he had no choice but to do it because of his work.

Everyone has the right to change their style as they please. Except in cases where it is unavoidable because of the characters in the work, the same goes for celebrities. No matter how popular they are, no one can force a specific image.

However, Song Ji-hyo’s DC Inside Gallery published a statement on the 29th of last month, the day after the broadcast of ‘Running Man’. In a statement, fans urged the improvement of Song Ji-hyo’s styling (hair, makeup, and clothes) and said, “Since last year, negative articles about Song Ji-hyo’s styling have been frequently posted on portal sites, and in the online community, Song Ji-hyo is constantly being mentioned as a celebrity who lacks styling. “We have come to the conclusion that we can no longer stand still,” he urged the agency to express its position.

Controversy continues over the extreme demands of these fans. Some people call this a ‘controversy’ and it seems to incite controversy. When different arguments collide on the premise of rational logic, it can be called a ‘controversy’. However, the prevailing view is that it is not appropriate to view this as a controversy as it is only a claim related to the taste of some fans.

Do you have the right or right to throw stones at a style that doesn’t match your taste, whether it’s a short cut or a shaved head? Even if you are a fan who has been cheering for you for a long time.

Of course, it is understandable that the actor you love wants to look cooler and more radiant. It can be seen as an expression of support and support for the growth of an actor. But this time it’s different. It is pointed out as a problem to unilaterally criticize why the short cut is a problem, without justifying the rationale for arguing that there have been problems with styling in the past. Excessive fandom is a kind of ‘gapjil’.

Recently, some have shown an immature attitude to criticize a female actor’s short hair by putting extreme frames on it. There is also a view that some female actors who have transformed into short cuts are suspicious of what kind of beliefs they have, and there is a view that overlaps with ‘strange behavior’ that requires proof of what they don’t.

Have fans ever made a statement about a male actor’s long hair? It is unfortunate that the attitude of evaluating the appearance of a female actor with strict standards is unfortunate.

At ‘2021 AAA’ held on the 2nd, moderator Leeteuk applauded Song Ji-hyo for hair styling saying, “It suits you well.” Song Ji-hyo’s short cut, which revealed her forehead on this day, shone exceptionally nicely. Some people will regret it, but it can be seen as ‘suitable’ in the eyes of others. It is simply a matter of ‘taste’.

I want to request ‘silence’ from Song Ji-hyo and her agency. We hope that you will listen to the voices of the fans who support you saying that the short hair is very cool. There are high voices wishing that you do not worry about controversies that are not ‘controversial’ and want you to spread your wings as a better actor.

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