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[컴백 SOON] Lim Young-woong·Soyou·Roje… Express Solo Rush

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Lim Young-woong (Photo = New Era Project)

[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] From trot singer Lim Young-woong to So-you, Punch, and Rosé, special solo singers pour out.

On the 9th, Lim Young-woong will release a new song’My Love Like Starlight’ and continue the’Trot Hero’ syndrome. Subsequently, Soyou, Punch, and Black Pink Rose are scheduled to release solo albums one after another. These are singers with a strong fandom and extraordinary sound source power, and chart competition is expected to be hot.

BDC (Photo = Brand New Music)

BDC, new report in 6 months

Group BDC will release their second EP’The Intersection: Discovery’ on the 8th. Shinbo, released six months after the first EP’D Intersection: Belif’ released in September last year. The title song is’MOON RIDER’. It is an impressive song with a grooved bass line and dramatic beat development, and is expected to prove the infinite possibilities of BDC.

Lim Young-woong (Photo = New Era Project)

Lim Young-woong and Seol-woon also sing their own songs

Singer Lim Young-woong releases a new song’My Love Like Starlight’ on the 9th. ‘My Love Like a Starlight’ is a self-composed song specially presented by Seol Undo of’Trot Legend’ for Lim Young-woong. It is said that the best synergy was completed by adding Lim Young-woong’s soft and deep voice and melody. In the meantime, Youngwoong Lim, who has captured listeners with a variety of sensibility, from’Only Trust Me’,’Hero’, and various hit songs reinterpreted through entertainment programs, is paying attention to what kind of music color he will show through this new song.

Buzz (Photo = Long Play Music)

◇Buzz, it’s been 2 years and 3 months

Band Buzz will release their 3rd mini album’Lost Time’ on the 10th. This album will be released after 2 years and 3 months after the 2nd mini album ’15’. As can be inferred from the album name’Lost Time’, which seems to contain a meaningful meaning, Buzz is going to convey comfort and sympathy to many people who felt a sense of loss while experiencing a time of chaos through this album. The title track’Analog’ is a song with a cheerful band tune sound, and the lyrics contain philosophical anguish over the things that lose their presence in the passage of time.

Punch (Photo = Nom Nom Entertainment)

Punch, take over the music charts once again

The’power of sound source’ punch returns. Punch will release their 2nd mini album’FULL BLOOM’ on the 10th. This album is released in about 5 months after’Your Voice’, which was released in October last year. One of the double title songs of this album,’Hello You Was My Everything’, is a song that adds a sad farewell sensibility to the voice of punch that pours out emotions, as if letting a loved one leave and confess a painful heart. Another title song,’Jealousy’, is a cute and witty song that expresses the feeling of jealousy, and features a sophisticated beat and intense sound.

Ghost Nine (Photo = Maru Planning)

Ghost Nine,’NOW series’ flare

Group Ghost Nine will release their 3rd mini album’Now: Where we are, Here’ (NOW: Where we are, here) on the 11th. This album is the album that is the first signal of the’NOW series’ that reveals Ghost Nine’s worldview in earnest. The title song’Seoul’ is the place where Ghost Nine lives every moment, and is going to unfold the first story of the NOW series, talking about’Seoul where we will meet’ from their perspective.

From left, Hyori Lee, Bayvilleon, Soyou (Photo = MBC Starship)

Soyou, Lee Hyo-ri and Babylon join hands for a comeback

On the 11th, singer Soyou will come back with a new song written by Lee Hyo-ri and composed by Bayvilleon. It’s been eight months since GOTTA GO, which was released in July of last year. Lee Hyo-ri and Beavilon were working on a song together, thinking that it would suit Soo-you, so they presented this new song. It is said that in order to repay her, she showed emotional vocals with a higher degree of completion than ever before.

Rose (Photo = YG Entertainment)

Rosé releases his first solo album

Group Black Pink Rose will release her first single album’R’ at 2 pm on the 12th and set out for her first solo career. The album name’R’, which is also the first letter of Rose’s name alphabet, signifies another beginning of his first steps as a solo artist. The title song is’On The Ground’. It is noteworthy what the message Rosé is trying to convey through the image and resonant music captured like a movie.


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