[컴퓨텍스 2023] Thermaltake Booth Showcasing PC Cases & Peripherals That Are Serious About Cooling

When you enter the central entrance on the 4th floor of the Nangang Exhibition Hall at Computex 2023, the first thing you see is a booth.

This is the Thermaltake booth.

Thermaltake, which has introduced various PC peripherals, is attracting the attention of visitors with various PC peripherals including cases at Computex 2023.

Although it is a Thermaltake booth that showcases various products, the focal point of this year’s Thermaltake booth is clearly the PC case.

In particular, the new product series, the CTE C750 series, has a spectacular RGB fan and displays Snow black and white version respectively.

A common feature of the new CTE C750 case series is that it creates an efficient internal flow through cold front perforations, while allowing the installation of more cooling solutions by using appropriate space.

In addition, Thermaltake CTE C700 Air products and various Thermaltake cases allow you to install a 3-row fan on the back, which allows you to meet genuine cases for the internal cooling environment in the booth.

In addition, unique cases such as the Ceres 300 TG ARGB case, which provides lighting with an adjustable LED panel at the bottom, are also on display to experience a new sensation.

In addition to these functional parts, various colors other than black/white are applied, and a green case called Matcha Green is also on display.

In addition to the standard long horizontal case, there is also a tower type case that users looking for a new PC case will like.

The Tower 200 Thermaltake is a mini-ITX case, but it is a long vertical case that can install an Nvidia RTX 40 GPU.

In addition, it is also characterized by providing an efficient internal space for installing a 280mm AIO cooling solution.

When it comes to Thermaltake, many PC users think of a cooler first.

Of course, Thermaltake’s various cooling solutions are also on display at the Thermaltake booth.

As a new product, TH V2 ARGB series is in operation.

It has an RGB fan and the ability to change the direction of the thermaltake text by turning the outer ring of the water block.

Thermaltake’s new fan is also on display, like the TOUGHFAN Pro series, it features quieter fan noise through special fan blades.

In addition, 200mm cooling fans and ARGB fans can also be found in the booth.

CPU air cooling solutions such as the TOUGHAIR TRX40 and UX200 SE ARGB using Thermaltake fans were also on display, so Thermaltake was able to meet the various cooling solution needs of PC users.

Thermaltake’s TOUGH series also includes a variety of power products. There are products that have not been released in Korea, but in the case of products planned to be released in Korea, ATX 3.0 is applied, and high-quality capacitors and PCIe Gen 5.0 are expected to be introduced with modular power such as active support.

In addition, there were products using Thermaltake’s ARGB fan, and the power with a lot of attention in terms of design was also evident.

SFX products are also included in the TOUGH power supply product family, and the SFX-L size product supports up to 1000W, and it seems to be a very useful product for users who want to decorate a performance PC high in a small case.

Also examined were the TOUGHRAM DDR5 memories located in one corner of the Thermaltake booth.

Starting from 6600MHz memory from CL 32-42-42-84, 7600MHz DDR5 from CL 38-48-48-84 was also demonstrated.

Both products caught visitors’ attention with their uniquely designed heat sinks, and the XMP-based performance was also designed for direct comparison.

Thermaltake also releases a variety of gaming peripherals, and there is a smart gaming desk that can be easily customized via a smartphone app on the website, and various gaming gears were also available.

Finally, on the first day of COMPUTEX 2023, a press conference was held at a corner of the booth, and among the products on display, Thermaltake’s representative models selected from the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award were presented.

In addition, Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin personally went up to the podium and introduced Thermaltake’s representative products, and various events such as the introduction of Thermaltake and modders, who display various mod cases every time at Computex, and commemorative photos were taken .

The Thermaltake booth can be found on the 4th floor of the Nangang Exhibition Hall, right in front of the central gate.


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