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130,000 subscribers

“Looking from a new perspective, but so that everyone can understand”

As the influence of YouTube expands, the job that has emerged as a new wannabe of the MZ generation is a creator. We met creators who are communicating with the public through their own unique videos, even planning, filming, and editing content.

Bos Dermatology Clinic Specialist Hongseok Kim is running a ‘Pirnam’ channel on YouTube with the slogan ‘a man who tells skin’. Based on his knowledge and experience, he is generously disseminating information about skin exhaustion, such as cosmetics, lasers, and skin problems, to subscribers.

Videos related to skin, cosmetics, and various procedures that read the desires of people who want to be a little prettier are pouring in. However, what makes ‘PALNAM’ different from other channels is that it focuses on health rather than beauty, and embraces the categories in depth.

He has been active as a dermatologist, social academic member of Korean Dermatology, Publishing Director of the Korean Society of Dermatological Anti-aging, Director of the Korean Skin Type Research Association, Director of the Korean Cosmetics Association, and Naver Knowledge-in Dermatology Consultant, and has published a book on Cosmetic Counseling. It is my hope that not only the people sitting in their treatment room, but also a little more people can become beautiful with healthy skin. He actually took some time before he even started a YouTuber.

“I tried to start when the platform called YouTube started coming into the limelight about 3 years ago, but I thought, ‘What kind of YouTuber am I? I like it, but the information I have is not known to those who do not come into my clinic. I wondered how many people would be able to hear this from me. I thought it would be good to deliver good information for the unspecified majority.”


Kim Hong-seok explains his videos in an easy and fun way so that everyone who watches his videos can understand them regardless of age, gender, or interests. Even if there are people who have never seen the video of ‘Pirnam’, there will be people who have only watched it once. Subscribers are also satisfied because it contains new perspectives, fun and information in a short time of about 10 minutes.

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“I speak in a way that even people who are not interested in cosmetics or skin can understand. I try to share information that will be useful to everyone with the public rather than in depth. Also, I take into account that there is something new or different from my point of view. Theme song I try not to do anything too obvious. I don’t have a script. I made a script in the early days as soon as I can remember it, but it doesn’t come out of my head, but I keep looking at the script. .”

As the director of a dermatology clinic, a day is not enough to run a hospital and receive medical treatment, but the work of a YouTuber is not difficult. From his many years of experience, he was also able to master the art of de-energizing.

“It’s not difficult. I think it’s a human tendency. I like communicating like this. If I had a certain sense of purpose, I wouldn’t have been able to do it for a long time. I think I just have to do what I normally do and do what I think.”

As a YouTuber, when I got a different kind of joy and reward, it was when I saw the reactions of my subscribers after I uploaded a video about skin cancer. The video, ‘If you have these ‘dots’ on your body, it is skin cancer, and got a hot response with a whopping 5.39 million views. It reflects the desire of people who are interested in a disease called skin cancer but have no place to get information. Of course, this was not planned.

“When I uploaded the skin cancer content, I received a lot of feedback from people around me who were struggling because of this. My purpose is to transfer knowledge, and it is a disease for me, but it could be important to someone. So was hair loss. Video of hair loss In the case of , it became a bulletin board for play. It was a different experience that the community moved differently than I thought.”


Since I have the title of a specialist, I get a lot of messages asking about personal diseases. However, he does not answer hastily because it is unreasonable to judge without seeing the treatment properly.

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“It’s a question about a personal disease or medical treatment, but if I answer it incorrectly, problems can arise, so I don’t answer it at all. I think about the content request and then talk about it next time.”

According to the hospital officials, many of the people who visit the Boss Dermatology Clinic are subscribers to ‘PALNAM’. Kim Hong-seok was delighted, saying that it was a relationship based on trust.

“I think it’s trust. I don’t want to talk about it commercially, and I try to look at all content neutrally. Subscribers will also be curious about skin, so I thought it would be better to tell it as it is. It was formed. I watch YouTube a lot. I don’t recommend things that I don’t need. Patients also give me a lot of feedback like that. Every time I hear that, it means that they believe in me, so I’m grateful.”

I asked him what was the secret to getting many people to come to him.

“Basically, I am working as a dermatologist, and there are some things I do with AI startups. I pay close attention to skin analysis, which is my strength. I not only check the patient’s skin condition, but also receive a list of cosmetics I use. If you put them together, you can find out more about the things patients are curious about. The reason for getting a list of cosmetics being used is that it is cumbersome for the hospital, but if home care is wrong, even if you receive treatment, you will not get good results. There are people who come to me asking for recommendations from the beginning. (Laughs) I emphasize only what is necessary.

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As the number of subscribers to ‘PAL-Nam’ increased and many people watched his videos, a wave of change began to appear in the industry. Kim Hong-seok viewed it as a natural trend for doctors to respond to patients as well as the level of patients has risen.

“They said that as the content was released, inquiries about skin cancer from dermatologists across the country increased. Doctors will like it, but they won’t actually welcome it. Doctors in Korea tend not to give up their old practice habits. There were a lot of comments saying, ‘I was scolded for being a girl.’ When I saw those comments, I felt that doctors’ consciousness had to change a lot.”

Kim Hong-seok has a clear goal as a dermatologist, but as a YouTuber, he wants to share information while having fun communicating with his subscribers.

“As a dermatologist, I have the idea that I should be number one in this field. I want to become the best as a doctor who can inform many people of ideas and knowledge, not the concept of number one in sales. I want to keep doing YouTube. And I I keep thinking that I should do it as far as I can. I just want to do it to the best of my ability if my content can be helpful even a little bit. As I am a human being, I want to continue to receive attention once I get attention. I’m trying to do a lot, so please don’t say it’s not fun and give me constant love.”

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