[탐정M] Refrigerator weighing over 100kg ‘groaning’ alone… What is one thing that repairmen want?

[바로간다] Refrigerators and washing machines weighing over 100 kg…

[바로간다] Preventing knives with ‘safety shield for infants’? ‥ “I’m afraid of customers” (21.12.6)

Last September, a visiting repairman was electrocuted and died while going out to fix a washing machine.

He was electrocuted while moving a washing machine weighing more than 100 kg by himself at the home where he received a report saying ‘I can feel electricity from the washing machine’.

On the 2nd of last month, visiting repair technician workers held a safety testimonial contest and complained that they were in a dangerous working environment.

As home appliances are getting bigger day by day, it has become a difficult environment to work alone.

I wondered what the hardships of visiting repair technicians who come to my house and fix them right away when the product breaks down.

I followed the day of a repairman.

## Refrigerator over 100kg, washing machine with dryer on top…I followed a visiting repairman

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

At around 9 am, I followed Mr. Bo-Gyun Lim, an electrical appliance repairman, into a small business car with the back seat full of parts.

A total of 7 repairs that Bo-gyun had to deal with in one day.

The first repair was a request to re-install the refrigerator by leveling it, and sweat was forming on my red face from moving a refrigerator that weighed over 100kg by myself, and then I cut my finger and bled.

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

Then I went to the house where the laptop was broken, but there were no symptoms of the malfunction at the time of my visit, so I just came back.

The third house I visited after receiving a report that the washing machine does not foam well.

I had to disassemble the washing machine to take a look, and there was a dryer weighing 80 kg on top of the washing machine.

To repair the washing machine, you need to lower the dryer, but you can’t do it alone.

At the customer’s disappointing voice saying, “The driver has already visited for the third time,” Bo-gyun had no choice but to say, “I will prepare and visit again.”

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

In the end, only one repair was done all morning, and as soon as the afternoon work started, a call came from the manager.

– “Have you nowhere to go?”

= “It’s all about double stacking (lower washing machine, upper dryer). There aren’t many people who can go… I’m sorry.”

Bo-gyun and I were both in a hurry at our boss’s nap, and after fighting with socks stuck in the washing machine at home, we finally completed one more thing.

Even as we drove faster and faster to visit our allotted 7 sites in a day, I took my time to do a favor for my colleague.

A colleague had to disassemble the washing machine under the dryer, and he asked for help, saying he couldn’t do it alone.

Even with my quota stacking up, I have to help my co-workers on time like this.

Because of this, the repair technicians are asking the company to ‘allocate two people to one group’, but the company is passive.

In the end, Bo-Gyun completed only 3 of the 7 allotted repairs that day, and couldn’t even visit one house at all.

To complete one case, the travel time and the repair time combined have to be completed in 1 hour, which is not easy.

## The grievances of repair technicians in the center… Threats from customers become routine

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

The difficulties faced by the in-house repair technicians who repair cell phones in the service center were also difficult.

On the 2nd of last month, there was a photo that caught my eye at the testimony meeting held.

It was a picture of a white grate that was lower than an adult’s waist, and the workers called it ‘garammak’.

In August, after a customer wielded a weapon at a repairman at a service center in Seongnam, the company installed it to separate employees from customers.

The victim, Tae-soo Han, was stabbed in 8 places including the shoulder at the time and has been receiving physical therapy for three months now, and is also receiving psychiatric treatment with his wife who witnessed the accident right next to him.

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

I looked around the service centers in downtown Seoul to see if the screen that could only be found at the entrance of a pet shop could really protect the staff.

The screen installed between the staff windows was lower than the waist of an adult.

It seemed that he could easily jump over it if he put his mind to it.

I thought I would fall over if I pushed hard with my foot.

The staff left even this open, saying that they were not helpful and were just getting in the way.

A person was almost killed by the sword fight, but I couldn’t believe that the safety measures that a large company had prepared were really the end of it.

The screens were given various nicknames by the employees, such as ‘Geongmun’ and ‘Yooahmun’.

“That’s a baby door. Puppies that jump high will pass, but there is a screen that prevents puppies from falling over. That’s right. If you kick it with your foot, it will be pushed back.”

When I searched for the screen on the Internet, it was actually a ‘national item safety door for infants’ that sold for about 30,000 won.

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

Employees say that customer threats are common, and are demanding stronger measures such as the petitioning police.

In a 16-second video that an employee injured his arm by an object thrown by a customer last year said it was the day of the incident, the swear word ‘Mr.*’ appeared 5 times or once every 3 seconds.

The perpetrator who wielded a weapon at Mr. Tae-soo also visited the center frequently for over 5 years and threatened with verbal abuse, but I wondered what would have happened if proper safety measures had been taken.

# In the end, ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘performance’ come first

[탐정M]  Refrigerator weighing over 100kg 'groaning' alone... What is one thing that repairmen want?

At first glance, they seem to be suffering from different difficulties.

However, the cause that threatened their safety was the same. That is the company culture that emphasizes ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘performance’.

In the case of on-site repair technicians, the ‘initial repair rate’ of completing repairs at once and the ‘processing power’ of final completion are immediately reflected in salary and promotion, and a message to “focus on processing power” every day in the work group chat room comes up.

As a result, accidents occur while not wearing safety equipment to complete more repairs in a limited time, or repairing heavy products forcibly.

The repairman who died from electrocution in September was also reported to have felt pressure on performance as he was publicly named as a ‘low performer’ in a group chat room the day before the accident.

The same goes for in-house repairmen.

As the company prioritizes ‘customer satisfaction’, and promotions and salaries vary according to the ‘satisfaction score’ given by customers, it is difficult for even black consumers to actively respond.

# All they want is a single word “thank you”

I am sorry that I did not listen to the grievances of these workers, who always come when called and always visit.

At the end of the interview, we asked them what they wanted.

In addition to proper safety measures, a single word of “thank you” from customers and a warm gaze are enough.

In fact, he said that it is the mind rather than the body that really hurts, and no matter how hard it is, if you say thank you, it will be healed.



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