[투데이TV]2 days and 1 night Yeon Jeong-hoon-Moon Se-yoon-Ravi exhausted after a large project meeting

[투데이TV]’1 Night 2 Days’ Yeon Jeong-hoon-Moon Se-yoon-Ravi exhausted after a large project meeting

[헤럴드POP=박서연 기자]Yeon Jeong-hoon, Moon Se-yoon, and Ravi show fresh chemistry with unexpected’dissonance’.

KBS 2TV ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4′(hereafter 1 Night 2 Days) broadcast at 6:30 pm on the 13th, 6 men working on the special episode of’Feel the Rhythm of Korea’ as a project for the 1st anniversary of the broadcast. The challenge of is drawn.

The members are divided into two teams and compete with different candidate regions to determine the final location that will be the background for the special episode video. In particular, Yeon Jeong-hoon, who has shown his extraordinary determination from before the start, and Ravi who has become an icon of stubbornness, and Moon Se-yoon, who is not behind this, will meet and show off their chemistry.

The three show’excessive enthusiasm’, such as having a hard time choosing a candidate site because they do not know the end and can’t control the evolving ideas, and they have a heated debate even before they go on the field trip. It is said that all of them have reached the point of exhaustion in the long preliminary meeting, so I wonder if it would be okay to meet the three stubborn brothers who do not know how to withdraw.

In particular, Yeon Jung-hoon brought expensive filming equipment, which is a personal collection, for his first visit, and the back door was that the attention was focused even on the camera directors at the scene. What kind of work Yeon Jung-hoon will be born with more serious attitude than ever before, and what the fresh chemistry that the three stubborn brothers will create will be raised in the air.

The travel stories of the six men who challenged the 1st anniversary big project can be found on the Korean representative real wild road variety at 6:30 pm on the 13th, KBS 2TV ‘1 night 2 days season 4’.

Photo courtesy of KBS 2TV ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4’


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