[특징주] YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK album pre-order volume is more than 2 million, strong

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[딜라이트닷넷 이학승 기자] YG Entertainment girl group Blackpink’s regular second album pre-orders exceeded 2 million copies, and the company’s stock price is on the rise.

As of 11:04 am on the 25th, YG Entertainment shares are trading at 60,900 won, up 2,700 won (4.64%) from the battleground.

On this day, YG Entertainment announced that the number of pre-orders for BLACKPINK’s second regular album, ‘Bon Pink’, which will be released on the 16th of next month, has exceeded 2 million copies.

This is the highest record for a female artist, surpassing the previous girl group pre-order record (1.61 million copies) set by girl group SM Espa.

On the 19th, BLACKPINK released the pre-release song ‘Pink Venom’. Pink Venom recorded 100 million YouTube music video views in 29 hours and 35 minutes after its release, ranking first among music videos released this year.