[특허 in 마켓] Eden Farm obtained a patent for a device and mixing system for accurate cosmetic manufacturing

Deok-Hyun Kim, CEO of Eden Farm, an OEM/ODM cosmetic manufacturer, applied on August 23, 2022 (Application No. 1020220105367) and received registration (Registration No. 102501003) on February 14 this year. Representative illustration of the ‘Apparatus and Systems patent. A drawing of a blending device for the manufacture of cosmetics according to the embodiment. Photo = Cyprus

[비즈월드] The stirring device is a device that makes the concentration of the material to be mixed with the stirring constant and even. Such turning devices are used in a variety of fields, such as cosmetics, food and industrial materials production.

However, when the amount of materials to be mixed is large and the mixing reservoir is very large, it is difficult to mix or stir the materials uniformly.

In addition, there are many cases where the material is added incorrectly when the material is placed in the stirring container, and therefore the desired ingredients are not produced as cosmetics.

In this case, taking the mixture out again and examining the physical properties complicates the mixing process and reduces efficiency.

A patent for technology that can solve this problem has recently been registered and is attracting attention.

Photo = Eden Farm
Photo = Eden Farm

Eden Farm (CEO Deok-Hyun Kim), an OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturer, applied for a patent on August 23, 2022 (Application No. 1020220105367), titled ‘Cosmetics Manufacturing Equipment and System’, on February 14 this year. announced on the 24th that it had received registration (Registration No. 102501003).

The patent relates to a mixing device and system for the manufacture of cosmetics where the blade is raised in the longitudinal direction of the axis of rotation of the stirrer in the process of mixing cosmetic materials, thereby enabling uniform mixing and mixing regardless of the cosmetic situation is in the mixing houses, the company explained. .

When the device and mixing system according to the patent is used, the weight of the mixing housing is measured in real time by the weighing unit, thereby having the advantage of being able to determine whether the material has been weighed is entered in a correct amount.

In addition, the component analysis unit analyzes the components of the material injected into the mixing houses to determine whether they are uniformly mixed in the mixing houses, and the blade in the corresponding position increases’ r rotational speed intensively to mix the concentration of the equivalent uniformly. part.

An official from Eden Farm said, “By acquiring this patent, we have dramatically improved the manufacturing process, enabling accurate input and uniform mixing of materials, taking Eden Farm’s unique manufacturing technology to the next level.”

Meanwhile, Eden Farm is a cosmetic manufacturing company located in Hakwoon Industrial Complex, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, and is said to continue to grow in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, such as being selected for various projects supported by government and fundraising. smoothly

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