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[파이널A MD] Hong Myung-bo and Lee Cheong-yong, Lee Gu Dong-seong, “Ulsan weak in autumn? This year will be different”

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[인터풋볼=상암] Reporter Oh Jong-heon = Ulsan Hyundai manager Hong Myung-bo and Lee Cheong-yong have predicted that it will be different from what they have shown in the past few seasons.

‘Hana One Q K League 1 2021’ has come to an end. The regular league, which played 33 games for each team, has ended, and there are now 5 games remaining in the final round. The top 6 teams in K League 1 will go to the final round A, and the bottom 6 teams will go to the final round B schedule.

‘2021 K League 1 Final A Video Media Day’ was held ahead of the first game this weekend. An online video conferencing method in which commentators Park Moon-seong, who was in charge of the special studio at Nuurikum Square, Mapo-gu, Seoul, and K-League reporters ask questions, and the coaches and players of the six teams that advanced into the Final A group answer at the clubhouse. was conducted with

Ulsan manager Hong Myung-bo, who attended the Media Day on that day, said, “Now we have 5 matches. We will prepare well and play well as we did in the past.” Lee Cheong-yong, who also attended, said, “This year, the fight for first place is fierce. I will do my best to prepare well for the remaining 5 games, and this year, I will do my best to bring good results from the hard work I have worked for this year.”

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– Preparation for the final round

Director Hong Myung-bo : 5 games now. I will prepare well and have a good match as I have done in the past.

Lee Cheong-yong: This year, the fight for first place is fierce. I will do my best to prepare well for the remaining 5 games, and this year, I will do my best to bring the hard work of the year into good results.

– The opponent you want to win

Manager Hong Myung-bo: As a result, if we beat Jeonbuk, we can become the final winner. All the teams are on their way to the end goal, and so are we. We had good results against Jeonbuk this year, but now there is only one last game left. Jeonbuk players have a lot of experience in big games, so I will prepare well to get good results.

– Fierce championship competition

Manager Hong Myung-bo: In the recent important match, we did not win as a result. The players are very tired. There is another match in three days. If that part is resolved, I think we will be able to show the images we have shown so far again. The atmosphere is good. Recovery is key for the rest of the final round schedule. There will be a rest period in the schedule and this will be resolved. If that happens, I think we will show good performances in the remaining 5 games.

Cheongyong Lee: Last week was a painful week for us. I think the fans must have suffered as much as the players. Because I know that feeling well, I think that the players should not cause pain to the fans anymore. I will play the remaining 5 games with a sense of responsibility.

– How to deal with Suwon FC, who is ranked No. 1 in Final A opponents?

Manager Hong Myung-bo: We met Suwon FC, so we have 2 wins and 1 loss in 3 matches. Of course, Suwon FC’s power is good. As coach Do-kyun Kim mentioned, it seems that the motivation to reach this year’s goal has come out well. Also, there are players who have played in Ulsan, so I think I took a little advantage by sharing the attitude, pros and cons when I met my own team. I will prepare well for the last match so that we can have a good match.

– Which team do you want to form ‘Kanbu’ in Final A?

Director Hong Myung-bo: Jeju. First of all, I love Jeju Island. I also travel often. If coach Nam Ki-il keeps Jeonbuk in the final match, we just have to do well. That’s why I wanted to establish a relationship with Jeju.

– A tough player to play against?

Lee Cheong-yong: I would like to pick Park Joo-ho. First of all, we know each other very well. And since you have been in Ulsan for 3 years, you will be well aware of our team’s strengths and weaknesses.

– There is a saying that Ulsan gets weaker in the fall?

Director Hong Myung-bo: I looked at those parts from the outside, and now I am spending that time inside. Our recent defeat is repeating itself. In a way, we are not running. We played about 40 games this year, and I think this is probably the most number of times among K-League teams. There is always a weak saying in autumn, but a lot has changed. The players have changed and the atmosphere has changed. Now, in the final final round, this will be your chance to change your mind.

Lee Cheong-yong: I was in Ulsan last year, and it’s the same this year. But the team atmosphere is different. It is said that the Ulsan team has achieved difficult results every fall, but I think this season will be a good opportunity to change that image.

– When do you feel responsible as a captain? (fan question)

Cheongyong Lee: I always do my best as a captain. But I don’t know if I’m doing it well. A lot of senior players around me are helping out, and the coach is also guiding the team well, so I’m doing my best.

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