[판결] Kim Bo-reum’s ‘bullying controversy’ 2nd trial partial victory, “Roh Seon-young should compensate 3 million won” centrifugal maintenance

At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in pursuit of the women’s speed skating team, Kim Bo-reum, who caused the ‘bullying driving’ controversy, won part of the appeal court case for damages filed by participant Noh Seon-young with him, saying, “I suffered verbal damage and defamation.” Previously, the first trial ruled that Seon-young Noh should pay 3 million won to Bo-reum Kim.

Civil Division 13, Seoul High Court (Presiding Judge Moon Gwang-seop, High Court Judges Jung Moon-gyeong and Lee Jun-hyeon)On the 21st, Bo-reum Kim filed a claim for damages against Noh Seon-young.(2022 or 2010871)dismissed the plaintiff’s appeal(2022 and 2010871).

The judge said, “It is hard to see that some of Roh Seon-young’s profanity against Kim Bo-reum was inevitable during the training process or allowed in terms of social norms.” In light of the time, place, etc., it is reasonable to believe that this is an illegal act that causes mental pain to Kim Bo-reum.”

When Bo-reum Kim competed in the quarterfinals of the women’s speed skating team at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Roh Seon-young, who was far behind, left her to cross the finish line first with an athlete another, and it was the subject of controversy. for “running bullied”. The controversy spread further when Noh Seon-yeong made claims such as “the national team did not train together even once” and “the team atmosphere during training was not good” in an interview with the media before and after the game.

However, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which conducted a special investigation of the Korea Ice Skating Federation, announced in May 2018 that “Bo-reum Kim did not intentionally disqualify Noh Seon-yeong or intentionally accelerate in the game team pursuit. “

Afterwards, Kim Bo-reum filed a lawsuit in November 2020, saying, “All of the interviews with Noh Seon-young are fake, and through that interview, I was mistaken for alienating Noh Seon -young and ‘bullying’, and my reputation. damaged.”

Previously, the first trial did not accept Kim Bo-reum’s claim that his reputation was damaged by the interview with Noh Seon-young, but acknowledged some of the psychological damage caused by Noh’s continuous verbal abuse and abusive language Seon-young. Afterwards, Roh Seon-young appealed against the verdict of the first trial.

The appellate court recommended that the two reconcile, but when they could not reach an agreement, they ordered mandatory mediation in January. However, it fell apart as Kim Bo-reum filed an objection. Again, the court recommended conciliation and again ordered mandatory mediation, but both sides filed an objection, and the decision was made in the second court case.


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