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[팝업★]Netizen accused of insulting Sung Si-kyung.. I do not want to experience it again, regret + reflection

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[팝업★]Netizen accused of insulting Sung Si-kyung.. “I don’t want to experience it again” regret + reflection

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[헤럴드POP=조은미 기자]A netizen who was accused of leaving a malicious comment on singer Sung Si-kyung shared the review.

Recently on an online community, an article titled ‘Review of being accused of insulting’ was posted.

Author A revealed that he was the person being sued by a celebrity who foretold a mass accusation, and instead of the celebrity’s exact name, he revealed the initials of ‘ㅅㅅㄱ’.

Netizens speculated that the accuser was singer Seong Si-kyung, with the well-known initials and the word mass accusation.

In January, Sung Si-kyung sued netizens who posted malicious comments through a legal representative on charges of violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (Defamation) and insults.

Person A said, “He sued the comments in 2019.” He said, “When I first got the call, I thought it was voice phishing.

He added, “At first, a complaint was filed for defamation, but when it was investigated, it turned into an insult. I heard that defamation is a more severe punishment than insult.” He also said, “I was embarrassed to be investigated. I was being investigated within the cybercrime team, and there were all the other police officers and I asked each and every one of them to write a statement. ‘Is this your nickname?’, ‘Why did you write this?’ Did you think about the journal?” “Who did you refer to and write this?” he said.

He continued, “When I write all of my affidavit, I put a lot of thumbs up during the final self-verification. When I write all of my affidavit, they print it out, but I have to take a picture of each piece of paper.”

Person A said, “Before returning home, (the police) also informed me of the sentence, but my comment was mild compared to the other defendants, and I submitted a reflective letter, so I don’t think there is much to worry about.”

He reflected, regretting, “I will know the exact result only with me, but I don’t want to experience it again. With this incident, I decided not to comment on celebrity-related posts.”

Last year, Sung Si-kyung, before suing the malicious commenters, said, “It hurts me too, but it hurts me to think about how much it hurt the person I like. We are preparing legal countermeasures.”

In addition, Seong Si-kyung announced the news of filing a complaint in January, stating that there would be no agreement or leniency. In August, he also announced the progress of the lawsuit. He said, “The results will be surprising. I tried. I also contacted Google and Instagram officials.” He said, “I said I was very sorry, but I wanted to tell you that I was hurt so much.” pointed out

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