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[프로야구] Doosan ranked third in dramatic… kt confirmed second place even after losing

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The fall baseball leaderboards, which had been fiercely developed until the end, have been finalized.

The protagonist of second place in the regular season going directly to the playoffs became kt, and Doosan jumped to third place dramatically.

This is reporter Jo Sung-heum.


Alcantara, who must win for the fall baseball, took the lead in winning streak and started smoothly, striking out from the beginning.

With 8 innings, only two hits were given to the Kiwoom line.

Except for the 6th episode, no single Kiwoom hitter could hit first base.

Thanks to Alcantara, who scored 8 innings without a run-off, Doosan ended the season in 3rd place, beating Kiwoom 2-0.

Alcantara, who has won one valuable win, has secured a number of wins with 20 wins in the season.

<김태형 / 두산 베어스 감독> “It was a tough year this year, but Alcantara played the ace role very well, and Kiwoom wasn’t happy, but today the players were the last to do their best, but I felt the power.”

LG falls to 2nd place when winning and 4th place when losing.

In the second inning, one-on-one, SK lead hitter Kim Kang-min gives a reversing solo gun behind center fielder.

In the 7th inning, Otaegon was allowed to hit 1 RBI on a timely basis, and it became 1 to 3.

LG gradually caught up with Oh Ji-hwan’s timely hit in the ninth, but failed to add points and finished the regular season in fourth place.

kt also lost 3-4 to Hanwha, but LG, which was competing for second place, managed to finish second and obtained a direct ticket to the playoffs.

The postseason, which starts on the 1st of next month, begins with a wild card match between 4th place LG and 5th place Kiwoom.

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