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[현장생중계]President Moon arrives at the Vatican Vatican… Meeting with Pope Francis

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President Moon Jae-in, who is visiting Rome, Italy, will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican Vatican for the first time on this tour.

Today’s meeting is expected to discuss the Korean Peninsula peace process and the Pope’s visit to North Korea.

President Moon Jae-in is due to meet Pope Francis today, and I met him once three years ago.

Since Pope Francis expressed his will to visit North Korea at the time, attention is being paid to what message he will deliver in relation to peace on the Korean Peninsula this time.

In 2018, Pope Francis also expressed his intention to visit North Korea unconditionally if Chairman Kim Jong-un sends an official invitation letter.

Unification Minister Lee In-young is also expected to meet with him, so attention is being paid to whether a related message will appear.

The screen now shows President Moon Jae-in visiting the Vatican.

The screen just came in and I’m giving it to you.

President Moon Jae-in, who is on a tour of Europe, will meet Pope Francis shortly after.

Since there is a 7 hour difference in Europe right now, it is now around 10:12 am.

We are showing in real time how President Moon Jae-in arrives at the Vatican and enters for a meeting.

Pope Francis has expressed his will to visit North Korea whenever he has the opportunity.

And today, in particular, Minister of Unification Lee In-young will accompany him.

It is of the greatest interest that there may be a request to visit North Korea once again.

President Moon’s official tour of Europe begins with a meeting with the Pope.

This will be the start of a 9-day, 7-night European tour.

In addition to the summit of 20 major countries, the UN General Assembly of the Parties to Climate Change and a state visit to Hungary are scheduled to take place.

As the Blue House announced the schedule for this trip, he said that it would be an opportunity to share wisdom for promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula, including global issues such as Corona, poverty, and hunger, through a meeting with the Pope.

As President Moon Jae-in is a Catholic, he has a deep relationship with Pope Francis. We met again in 2018.

Pope Francis also sent a letter of condolences to President Moon Jae-in when his mother passed away in 2019.

After a while, President Moon Jae-in is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis, and we will provide you with breaking news as soon as relevant screens come in.

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