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The latest work of Bandai Namco’s “Tekken” seriesTekken 8 》 Scheduled to take place in December 2022PS5 , Xbox Series X | S, and also announced Steam releases. As well as the familiar popular characters in the series, I was surprised to seeJune KazamaThe first time fighting since Tekken 2. However, information about Tekken 8 is still scarce, so not only Tekken players, but the fighting game community will also be hoping for new information. Coming into February in 2023,”Tekken 8 latest information released!The participation of the familiar silent assassin “Nina Williams” has also been confirmed!

“Nina Williams” Game Trailer Released!

accompanied by “nina williams“Decided to join the battle, “Tekken 8” Nina’sgameplay previewAlso announced!In “Tekken 7”, Nina is dressed up, and in this work, shecool shape, embodying the nickname the Silent Assassin. Since the introduction of the new battle system was also announced in Tekken 8, it is likely that the operation will be different from the previous one, so it would be nice to have a chance to actually play it.・ I will talk about this later!Stay tuned for more information on the participating roles!

Introducing a new battle system!

In “Tekken 8″, the keyword of the fighting concept is ” Aggressive “, and announced the introduction of the new system“Heat” system..It’s a place that seems more important than everAggressiveconcept and system, but you don’t know what it looks like until you see it in action, right? So, byDirector HaradaaGame Director Ikeda (Nakatsu)co-productionNew Battle System Introduction VideoIt has been made public!

BesidesIn addition to the actual machine commentary of “Tekken 8” used for the first time,even moreLong videos with a length of more than 36 minutes.According to the “aggressive” combat concept, it appears to be amore favorablesystem, such asrecovery when you take aggressive actionsystem and “thermal system“. Even in the e-sports scene, active play is more exciting, and “Tekken 8” seems to be a new trend. In addition, “Easy Combo” and “Assist” in “Tekken 7″ will also have be placed from ” Special Style “, soIt is also easier to get into for those who have never played the Tekken series.I’m very happy. I think it’s easier to watch the video and hear them both explain it, so watch the introduction of the new battle system that has been released!

Get a chance to play early! Decision to implement closed alpha testing!

As soon as I see the video of playing the game on the real machineIt’s human nature to want to play games. Here’s your chance to play Tekken 8 ASAP!it existsIn “EVO Japan 2023” scheduled to be held between March 31, 2023 (Friday) and April 2, 2023 (Sunday), it was decided to implement a closed alpha test for “Tekken 8”!In addition, starting from the closed alpha test of “EVO Japan 2023”, it will be available worldwidemaintainso Tekken players around the world can have peace of mind. This closed alpha test is“EVO Japan 2023”Those who participated in the “Tekken 7” category.covered.Participated and want to participate in closed alpha testingof people will be released at the end of February 2023Apply from a special websiteCan participate in doing, butIf there are many applicants, it will be a lottery. Since “Tekken 8” can be played, it is not an exaggeration to say that everyone who has entered “Tekken 7” will be relevant, so it seems better to think that it is a lottery. Details will be posted on the Official Tekken Twitter ( @TEKKEN_Project ) and the official Tekken 8 website, so stay tuned!

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