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‘0.360 batting average’ Lee Jung-hoo, the world’s first batting king born… The Return of Seunghwan Oh and Jeongeui Choi – SPOTVNEWS

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[스포티비뉴스=인천 김태우, 대전 김민경, 창원 박성윤, 사직 고봉준 기자] The title holders for each pitching division that dominated the KBO league in 2021 have been confirmed.

Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo announced the birth of the world’s first richest hitting king. Lee Jung-hoo took first place with a batting average of 0.360 this season, and laughed after fierce competition with Lotte Giants Jeon Jun-woo (0.348) and KT Wiz Kang Baek-ho (0.347). He wrote history with his father, Lee Jong-beom, coach of the LG Twins. Coach Lee won the batting title with a batting average of 0.393 during the 1994 Haitai Tigers. In the American Major League Baseball (NPB), which has a longer history than the KBO League, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, there has been no case in which a son and father won the title of batting champion.

SSG Landers Choi Jeong-eun became the third home run king of his career with 35 home runs. He regained the title four years after he reached the top with 40 home runs in 2016 and 46 home runs in 2017. NC Dinos Yang Eui-ji took first place in two categories with 111 RBIs and a slugging percentage of 0.581.

Jun-woo Jeon missed the batting title, but took the most hits with 192 hits. LG Hong Chang-gi took first place with an on-base percentage of 0.456, and Kiwoom Kim Hye-seong took the stealing title with 46 stolen bases. Samsung Koo Ja-wook became the title holder with 107 points.

In the pitching division, the main character was covered early. Seunghwan Oh, a 39-year-old veteran of the Samsung Lions, was honored to become the 6th save king in his personal career with 44 saves. Previously, he won five titles in 2006 (47 saves), 2007 (40 saves), 2008 (39 saves), 2011 (47 saves) and 2012 (37 saves).

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Doosan Bears ace Ariel Miranda took first place in two divisions with an ERA of 2.33 and 225 strikeouts. He showed the power to break the record of 223 strikeouts in a single season set by Choi Dong-won of Lotte in 1984 in 37 years. In the multiple wins category, he finished tied for 4th with 14 wins, and was the fourth pitcher in the KBO League to achieve the triple crown.

Samsung’s David Buchanan and Kiwoom’s Eric Yokisi tied for the top spot for Da Seungwang. Both pitchers had the most wins in the KBO league with 16 wins. On the 30th, Buchanan tried to take the top spot by challenging the Changwon NC Dinos with 17 wins, but only allowed 4 runs in 3⅔ innings. In the multiple wins category, there were winners with less than 20 wins in three years after Doosan Josh Lindblom (20 wins) in 2019 and Doosan Raul Alcantara (20 wins) in 2020.

Hyunsik Jang of the KIA Tigers was honored to win the hold king for the first time in the club’s history. Before this season, he had 17 personal career holds, but this year alone he picked up 34. LG Twins Andrew Suarez took first place with a win rate of 0.833.

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